Unashamed Of The Humiliation, Unafraid Of The Torture by Victor Ogar

Scene One

[Light falls on a large crowd of people are seen kneeling on the ground, some laid down flat of the floor, their clothes stained with the dark red colour of the clay soil and on some blood as a result of been manhandled. Tears streaming down their faces further explaining the intensity of fear on their face as they tried avoiding the gaze of their deadly assailants who pointed weapons of different shapes and sizes at them, more assailants emerged from the church building behind them dragging out other church members who were struggling for their lives. A man dressed in a complete military grade regalia emerges from the building, his steps coupled with his composure magnificient and  dignified as the other assailants chant his name in honour and respect.]

Unashamed Of The Humiliation, Unafraid Of The Torture by Victor Ogar

Assailants: [Chanting his name in a glorified manner.]Odogwu Ikemba!!!! Odogwu Ikemba!!!!!! Odogwu Ikemba!!!!!! Odogwu Ikemba!!!!!. The one whom the elders and wisemen look upto for advise, the one whom kings and greatmen desire to company with, the one who sends fear into the hearts of brave and strong champions and shivers down the spines of spirits. The true representation of the great god Ikemba, we hail and worship you. [All the assailants bow in reverence to him.]
Ikemba: Arise my noble warriors. Where's Corrosive, my right hand man and  most deadly human weapon? [ A man with a highly intimidating body stature whose body physique could make that of an advanced body builder pale in comparison emerged from the warriors and knelt in front of Ikemba as a form of reverence.]
Corrosive: [He speaks with a rough and coarsely deep voice.] Lord Ikemba, I'm forever at your service. What does his majesty seek of me? Speak my Lord and your words shall be carried out.
Ikemba: My wish is simple, go into the building and the adjoining quarters, search for anybody still present there that might have escaped our previous searches.
Corrosive: My Lord, we have thoroughly searched those places three times after the initial  double search and found no one.
Ikemba: [Furiously] You dare challenge my judgement, I said someone's  hiding and you try to disapprove my sensitivity, I could have your beheaded for this.
Corrosive: I'm sorry great one, such act will never occur again. I'll do as you have directed [He stands up and signalling to the assailants, four of them follow him as he marches into the church and its adjoining building and not long after, they returned with a lady who was cowering in fear as she almost drops the sack held in her hands.]
Ikemba: [Laughs delightfully and claps his hands thrice in slow successions] Well well well, look who we have here.   [Directing his speech to Corrosive] Where did you find her?.
Corrosive: Just as we entered the compound, we found her sneaking into the compound with these items we believed to be foodstuffs and clothing materials.
Ikemba: I see, [Facing the recently captured lady] So Ada after all I've done for you, this is how you pay me back. After the death of your father who was my greatest debtor during his lifetime, I took you in so as to use you to offset his debt but on seeing your extremely  talented self languish in poverty, I decided to adopt you even against the advice of my associates and gave you all you had ever desired and even more beyond the wildest  imagination your mind could ever fathom. I gave you everything you had ever desired including the freedom to serve another God alongside the people I hated the most, yet you went behind me stealing my hard earned money and materials I gave to you and secretly bringing it to the people I absolutely hate alongside providing them with information about me. I would have killed you right away but death is too merciful a punishment to befall you, for this treacherous act of yours I shall give you a punishment so terrible you would wish for death to harvest your miserable soul. [He stabbed her chest repeatedly and as screams of pain escaped from her lips, he touched her forehead and she became unconscious.] Corrosive, after this operation is over, take this traitor to the torturous chamber pending when I'll have time for her. Now this announcement goes to all of you , I'm offering you all a great opportunity, an opportunity to have a better life far beyond your greatest desires, all you need to access it is to denounce Christ and submit under the lordship of the great god Ikemba. If you wish to change sides now is your time for you have only ten seconds to make your choice. One............Two................Three.............Four...............Five..................Six............. Seven..............Eight............Nine............. and finally Ten.[The look of surprise well expressed on his face] So you all mean to say you will not accept Ikemba as your god, alright then warriors take aim. [He commanded and immediately the assailants cocked their guns aiming at the kneeling Christians some of whom the bold determination to die for Christ well written on their face when suddenly a man jumped up from amongst the Christians.]
Man 1: [Jumping up on his feet screaming hysterically his body and face exhibiting symptoms of fear.] I denounce Christ and accept Ikemba as my god.
Ikemba: Bad timing friend, you spoke up too late.  Someone of such frail heart as yours will never be consistent with the servitude of Ikemba. Ikemba don't need such men as cowardly as you. [Pulls out his pistol and aiming it at the man who was shivering begging for his life pulled the trigger thrice and the man crashed to the ground, a gory mixture of blood and brain particles escaping from the bullet hole embedded on his head.] Corrosive, randomly divide this stubborn yet unfortunate fellows into two groups, kill one group and bring the rest of them to the torturous chamber for their special treatment. Ensure you do that quickly, I have to go now for I have other territories to conquer. [He  majestically strolls away from the crowd, the sounds of screaming women and children filtered into his ears accompanied by the sounds of gunshots. He was a few metres away from them when the pastor who was been chased by two assailants ran and fell on his knees pleading that his life be taken in exchange for the freedom of his members but Ikemba did nothing as the assailants dragged the pastor as his pleading was now faintly heard. He stamps his feet thrice and disappears as the light fades.]

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Scene Two

[Light falls on a man in his early thirties is seated on a three seater sofa and placed on the table is a Christian literature and three bibles. His focus continually moving from book to book as he speaks in tongues in an almost inaudible voice praying alongside the stringed instrumental music playing in the background. He lifts his head up and shifts his attention to the door which had opened and the lady who walked through it holding some wrapped items.]

Folake: Bro Kunle, good morning to you today.
Kunle: Good morning my beautiful sister Folake how are you doing today?
Folake: As you can see I'm good. How are you doing?
Kunle: I'm going fine as well, the Lord has been faithful.
Folake: You look quite thinner than I remember, or have you been fasting again?
Kunle: Yes my sister I've been fasting. I'd go three days dry, break then commence another three days dry fast. That's how I've been doing for the past two months.
Folake: Hmmmmmmm, you are trying oh. I can go three days dry fast but only occasionally not as consistently as you.
Kunle: It's nothing to be ashamed of, everybody has their own area of grace. The same way you can't fast like me, I can't worship in songs like you. Remember when you almost turned midweek meeting into an all night worship concert.
Folake: [Burst into laughter] At least mine was even better, you turned prayer for offering into prayer marathon, they had to literally carry two of the guest ministers back to their hotel rooms, ehen let me better ask now before I'll forget. Have you heard anything from the Lord concerning that matter we have been praying about?

Kunle: [His countenance suddenly drops as the last statement from his sister's mouth flows into his ears.]. I've heard the Lord's will concerning this matter.
Folake: Cheer up brother, you should be glad the Lord has spoken.
Kunle: It's not just in the speaking Folake but in the message contained in his words. It would have been better if the Lord had remained silent.
Folake: Kunle what's making you utter such faithless and demeaning words against the word of the Lord to you ?

Kunle: I don't mean it that way Folake, it's just that the place the Lord had directed me to was not the place I was expecting. It wasn't even the last thing on my mind as I had never conceived any thought of me going there as the thought of that place alone terrifies me.
Folake: What's the name of the place?
Kunle: It's Ikemba community in Imo State, a community well known for its gross darkness and heightened wickedness in addition to their reputation of their notorious hatred for religions and gods other than theirs, Christianity their major foe.
Folake: I understand your worries and fears brother but your mind shouldn't be focused on the evil news of that community but of the Lord's constant goodness and mercy. If the Lord has revealed it to you, then it means that community is your reward and you must be careful not to conceive the thought of running out of God's will for your life.
Kunle: [Wiping the tears that were now beginning to stream down his face.] I have received seven confirmations from the Lord about that place, four revelations, by word of wisdom from two fathers in the faith and finally by my mission posting letter which indicated that I was posted there. To comfort me and allay my fears, the Lord ministered Psalms twenty three verses four and five which says Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. After this word of the Lord was revealed unto me, I reluctantly made up my mind to go there and probably pipe low so as to save my face from shame and my life from danger but God chastised me and strengthened my resolve with another word from the first chapter of Romans and in the fourteenth to sixteenth verses and it says I am under obligation both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish. So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome.For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. As it stands right now, my mind has been made up to thread the Lord's path even if it costs me my life, I'll gladly lay down my life with a smile on my face for the Lord's cause.

Folake: I applaud your determination my dear brother but have you informed your wife about your decision?
Kunle: I'm yet to reveal it to her.
Folake: What if she doesn't agree with you on this matter?
Kunle: That's her  concern, if she refuses to go with me, she can stay back.
Folake: I hope the Lord touches her heart the same way he has touched yours. Where's she?, I haven't seen her today.
Kunle: She went to the market to get some foodstuffs to prepare what we'll break with as she's on the fast with me.
Folake: When are you supposed to break your fast?
Kunle: [Checks his wristwatch] I was supposed to break my fast at about thirteen minutes ago
Folake: Alright in that case, let's break the fast together as I brought some fruits. [Drops the plastic bag in her hand on the table and opened it unraveling the contents which were fruits of various kinds. They both said a short prayer and were about devouring the fruits when the door opened and another lady entered.]
Kunle: Here comes my beautiful Ifeoma, my bestie, my love.
Folake: All these titles for only one person, I refused to be oppressed. Our wife welcome, I was just asking about you when you suddenly showed up. How are you doing? [Standing up to hug Ifeoma and makes efforts to collects the items from Ifeoma who immediately rejected the gesture.]
Ifeoma: My sister, I'm fine. Please don't bother about the foodstuffs, I'll just take it to the kitchen. You both can enjoy yourselves.
Kunle: That will not work oh,  drop the items by the table and sit down let's eat.
Ifeoma: No babe, let me just enter the kitchen and prepare the meal myself as my body is  ready for work. If I should sit down now, I'll kill that energy.
Kunle: Don't worry, sit down let's eat. After eating even if it's to prepare the meal alongside you or even myself I'll do that, just sit down and eat with us.
Ifeoma: If you so insist. [She drops the polythene bags in her hands on the floor and sits down as they eat the fruits together.]  Big sis, how is mama doing?
Folake: Mama is fine oh, I spoke with her this morning, she sends her regards to you and she said I should tell you to pamper her son very well that he is now your son too.
Ifeoma: My hubby likes to be pampered.
Folake: That I can boldly declare.
Ifeoma: Obim lest I forget to ask, has the Lord said anything about that matter we have been praying about?
Kunle: Well the spirit is one, my sister just asked that same question some minutes ago. Well yes, the Lord has spoken and as a confirmation to what the Lord has said, my posting letter was just forwarded to my email the early hours of this morning.
Ifeoma: [Anxiously awaiting his response in great anticipation] So tell me, where were we posted to?
Kunle: [Clears his throat thrice and tries to make the expression on his face as blank as possible] We have been posted to Ikemba community in Imo State [He finally drops the news and Ifeoma's face which was quite expectant look on her face fizzles into disbelief at first then a smile appears on her face and she bursts into laughter catching the siblings off guard.]
Ifeoma: Kunle this is a joke right, Please if this is a joke please stop it.
Kunle: I can't joke with or try to trivialize a matter as heavy and significant as this.
Ifeoma: Wait is it the Ikemba community I'm from or it's another one?
Kunle: How many Ikemba community do we have in Imo State, we don't have any other one apart from that which is your village.
Ifeoma: [Places her hands on her head and wails loudly, sorrowful tears dropping down her cheeks.] So the people that claimed the life of my father are finally after my husband's own too. But Obim, is there no way you can try to reason with the man to change your posting to another place, the man in charge of the posting is your best friend so you can speak with him.
Kunle: Babe I tried all of that it didn't work, my friend said he fasted and prayed all night prayers on my behalf for God to change his mind concerning this issue but God was still adamant and unbending in his will. I tried to plead with God too but all my pleas fell on deaf ears. If Jesus says yes nobody can say no, Jonah tried it and it turned out disastrously for him and I'm not about to take that path of disobedience as well. God energized me with the scripture Romans one verses fourteen to sixteen. Although my friends and ex colleagues who are not missionaries may mock my dedication to God but I shall not be ashamed but shall boldly declare the word of the Lord as I'm aware of its power as that which brings about salvation in the life of men.
Ifeoma: So how are we going to do about our movement there because from the community to the nearest town is almost a hundred kilometers and the road in between consists of nothing but forests and water bodies.
Kunle: The mission house promised to provide a helicopter that will transport us there for the sake of our little David and his unborn sibling. Can we hold our hands and pray. [Abandoning the fruits, they all locked their hand together in a circle and all of them assuming a kneeling position, they began to pray blasting heavily in tongues as the light slowly fades.]                               

Scene Three

[Light falls outside a fairly large hut and within a very large compound, Ikemba paces to and fro, a mischievously delighted and satisfactory smirk on his face as the painful screams of women and children coupled with the agonized groanings of men filters into his ears. Not too long after, Corrosive emerges from the hut bearing in his hand a glowing cutlass signifing that it has excessively been heated. As soon as he arrives before Ikemba, he wipes the sweat droplets scattered around his face and bows to Ikemba eulogizing him.]

Corrosive: Great terror of the spirits, I exalt your notoriety.
Ikemba: My noble warrior, what is the latest update concerning our captives?
Corrosive: These new set of captives are extremely difficult and their will totally unbending.
Ikemba: [Thoughtfully] Hmmmmmmm, I totally understand your point. You've been with them for the most recent five weeks, how has their behavior been.
Corrosive: This devotion of theirs makes my dedication to our great god Ikemba seemlike child's play. I've tortured them with cold, heat, pain but no matter what we do, it's as though the more they're tortured, the stronger their faith. Could you believe that one of the mothers was bold enough to ask me to light a fire to keep them warm, at least for the sake of the children.
Ikemba: You know what, the weather is very cold now, they are naked and they need heat, we'll give them heat [Bursts into a dehumanizing laughter.] Gather enough wood, gather leaves and set fire in the room. Note that the wood shouldn't be the dry one that catches fire easily but the one that causes plenty smoke and once that's done, fan the flames and ensure the room is very smoky and once that's achieved, you shut the windows and the doors.
Corrosive: [Opens his eyes wide in horror] My Lord, that might kill them.
Ikemba: Yes that's what I intend. If they won't submit to the worship of Ikemba, then their lives would be laid down in sacrifice to him. Now go and carry out my orders.
Corrosive: Your wish is my command, your supremacy. [Bows and exits to behind the building]
Ikemba: Their death will really be of great use to me. First it will show and teach the remainder of the infidels not to mess with me and secondly their death can be used as sacrifice to step up my promotion in the dark realm. I wonder what this people have seen that won't make them forsake their dead God. I've spoken to that pastor of theirs that is always misleading them and the response the foolish man always gives is that he will not be ashamed of the gospel for  it has the power to bring salvation to everyone that believes in it. He even has the audacity to say boldly to my face that he hope this gospel will one day save me, how stupid of him. Where was his Jesus when the warriors of Ikenga murdered my parents and siblings leaving me terribly injured and at the point of death, he was nowhere to be found. If not for Ichie Ikemba my foster father whom adopted me and nursed me to health and later till this point I'm in my life, I would have been dead many years ago. I'll be here and see how the God of this Christians will save them from my grip [His voice reduced totally to a whisper as he paced around the compound muttering and gesticulating incoherently to himself when Corrosive ran speedily into the compound as he panted heavily, rock solid fear and terror expressly displayed on his face].
Ikemba: [Frightened surprise displayed itself on Ikemba's face as he wondered what could make the almighty Corrosive to cower and run like a scared toddler.]Corrosive, what's that thing that makes the great lion tremble and flee like an ant?
Corrosive: Lord Ikemba what's bigger than the rabbit hole has forced itself into the rabbit hole. Large troops of Ikenga warriors are marching into the community as we speak and that's not the part of the tale that troubles me, I checked our armory both physical and spiritual and I discovered that they had been destroyed and also Ichie Ikemba, your father who should have been our last line of defense is out of the community in a distant unknown place for our the renewal of our fortification and won't be back for at least two weeks so as it stands, we are on our own.
Ikemba: Have you applied to the king for the help of his royal army?
Corrosive: I have done that and the king says anything that affects us, affects the community as well and for that he's sending his warriors. I just hope that they arrive soon.
Ikemba: Assemble my warriors together and fight to the last drop of your blood. [He orders Corrosive who immediately runs out leaving behind the confused and scared Ikemba. That very moment, Ikemba hears the loud shouts of gunshots and men chanting war songs as they advanced into the compound. Ikemba quickly finds a spot to hide as he watched with horror as the men fired sporadically into the air. Ikemba hit his chest thrice and a rifle appeared in his hands and as he rose up to shoot, he beheld the windows of his captives been open and the captives running around trying to find safety and as Ikemba took his aim at them with the intention of shooting, three bullets flew at him one piercing his head and the other two his chest and he fell back down in great pain.] This is impossible, no injury has ever been inflicted on me thanks to the charms my  father gave to me during my childhood. I'm invincible.[He was still at loss trying to comprehend what has just happened when a voice quiet and still yet full of magnificent authority and power spoke up.]
Voice: You are invincible yet bullets had effect on you. Delight!!!!!! Delight!!!!!! Delight!!!!!!! Delight!!!!!! I created you as a vessel to bring joy to me and put smile's on the faces of people but now you're doing the opposite of that.
Ikemba: My name is not Delight but Ikemba and who the hell are you?
Voice: I'm the alpha and omega, the one whose delight you were made for. I'm the God of the Christians. The name given to you by your mother was The Lord's Delight but the devil gave you a different identity.
Ikemba: If you are as merciful and powerful as you claim to be, then why did you let my parents die.
Voice: Letting your parents die was my act of mercy. If they had lived a while longer, the crown they had suffered to acquire would have been lost as the enemy was creating a great ploy to pull them down.
Ikemba: You considered my parents but never considered me.
Voice: I had everything planned out but the enemy struck, altering my plans and I allowed him so I can be glorified. Tell me, don't you ever feel bad for the things you do?
Ikemba: [Breaking down in tears] I do feel bad, I feel so guilty that I think you won't accept me back as that was what my supreme master the devil had made me believe. He even threatened to kill me should I conceive the thought of leaving this path. Please forgive me, please show me your love and glory just as you have shown to my parents. [The aura of the atmosphere around Ikemba as he felt the warm love and glory of God enveloping him and not been able to control himself anymore, he fell to the ground and broke down in tears. He was in that state for quite a while when he heard sounds of footsteps behind him and turning around, he found the pastor standing face to face with him, a gun held in the arms of the pastor pointed at Ikemba.] Thank God, you are here, please just pull that trigger and end my miserable life, I have felt the love of God and I'm not worthy to receive his love and mercy anymore. My life had been at the mercy of the one who had the power to end my life and yet I hurt him every single day if my life.
Pastor: [Dropping the gun]. I'm not here to hurt you, I just used the gun to protect myself from the invaders. The love of God has been given to all flesh though we were not deserving of it but he still gave it to us free of charge and all we have to do is to receive the love he has offered unto us. [He bent down and examined the injuries on Ikemba's chest and head]. The wounds are too severe, it's surprising that with the injury of this level you are still alive, this can only be the mercy of God, give me a moment let me call a church member of mine who is well knowledgeable in medical affairs. [He was about standing up when Ikemba held his arm and asked him a question.]
Ikemba: Why are you showing me such love in spite of all I've done to you including killing your church members, wife and even children?.
Pastor: My answer can be gotten from the biblical scripture of Romans chapter one verse sixteen and it says For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth. It's that power that has saved me and is propelling me to save others as well so would you like this power to work for you, say this prayer after me. Lord Jesus, I thank you for my life, I thank you for dying for me and bringing this goodnews of salvation to me today. Father anywhere I might have gone against you, please forgive me and come into my life as my Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord for accepting me In Jesus Name, Amen.
Ikemba: [Prays the prayer alongside the pastor and as the pastor was about congratulating Ikemba for receiving salvation, two gunshots were heard nearby and the pastor fell to the ground and Ikemba rushed close to where the pastor laid.]
Pastor: [With his dying breath and a weak smile on his face] Congratulations on your salvation experience Ikemba, I've fought the good fight and I've finished my course, it's now up to you to finish yours, the opposition against your new faith might be intense but don't relent for a great crown awaits you, I go now to receive mine and I bid you farewell[These were his final words as he shut his eyes in death and the narrator walks onto the scene, the entire scene fading away until all that was left was the narrator  and a spotlight on him.] 

Narrator: You all might be wondering what happened to Ikemba. Well Pastor Kunle arrived that very day and began grooming Ikemba, his adoptive father, his warriors and soon the entire community in the knowledge of God and sometime in the future, God's Delight who was formerly known as Ikemba became a renowned global evangelist, preaching the word and converting thousands and millions of soul all around the world putting a smile on the face and bringing delight to the heart of the master and the people around the world as he delivered them from darkness. All this was possible because those Christians without shame or fear boldly proclaimed the gospel of Christ just like Apostle Paul said in his letter to the Roman church in Romans chapter one verses fifteen and sixteen says So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you that are at Rome also. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. We should never be ashamed to proclaim the gospel of Christ for it's the only thing capable of saving a man from destruction and we never know, we might come across the person who might need that gospel to bring out the light in them as we all go around our daily activities, we should try always to spread forth the light without fear or shame and as we do so, the Lord shall reward our labor with fruits. [The narrator slowly walks out of scene as the light finally fades].


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