The Secret Place

While I was reading through the book of Exodus, different scenarios played through my mind.

The journey of the children of Israel from the land of Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, the bitter water that was made sweet, and the manna from heaven.

In this era of technology, these miracles would have made beautiful headlines. Social media would have been filled with various snapshots.

I’m not saying the use of technology is bad. However, technology might have unconsciously taken the place of thanksgiving and prayer.

For instance, when Moses parted the Red Sea, The children of Israel would have taken pictures with captions like:

  • “God of Israel parted the sea; do am if you think e easy.’’
  • “The Red Sea - Before and After.”
  • “The miraculous rod that parted the sea, God of Israel, is nobody’s mate.” 
  • “Bitter water was made sweet just because Moses cast a tree into the water,” 
All these and much more would have been the captions. Now, there is nothing wrong with bragging about who God is and what He has done. But these would have replaced thanksgiving and appreciation to the one who made these possible because they would be eager to post these wonderful sights on social media.

Similarly, when the Lord rained manna (bread) from heaven, they would have taken pictures of this glorious sight. The way it rained from heaven and how the manna looked

It’s not bad either, but they might have missed instructions regarding the manna, and they might not have gotten to their promised land.

Nowadays, we leave the place of prayer and make social media a place to pray and appreciate God.
Many of us have socialised our morning devotion. Whenever we feel like praying, we just go online and pray.

It’s called a secret place for a reason. Before you go into public space, you need to constantly dwell in a secret place.

It's not a bad thing to be joyful or proclaim what God has done for you, but beyond that, we must understand the place of thanksgiving as well as the importance of maintaining a secret place.

Your victory is, first of all, won in the secret place, so your thanksgiving should be made to God in the secret place. Don’t misplace the priority.

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