Who is this Man?

As they saw the weather change its blanket, they quickly boarded the boat and set sail. The wind became ferocious and terrifying all of a sudden. All hands were on deck to stop the raging storm.

Amid the chaos, a man was sleeping peacefully in the boat with a cushion behind his head. The situation appears strange to the troubled sailors; it was even more exciting that he went around with a pillow. It was more like this man was always ready to unwind, even in the most hostile environment.

Must it now be in a sinking boat of all places to sleep? This was the question on the minds of the befuddled sailors.

They continue to experiment with different methods they are familiar with as experts. However, their efforts were futile as the raging storm threatened to swamp the boat.

Finally, they gave up as they cried out in terror, "Master, Master, we are going to drown."

He awoke to their cries and rebuked the storm and raging waves. He asked them, "Where is your faith?" as if he was waiting for their invitation.

What role does faith play in this? That was the one question they would not ask. Who is this man? When he commanded the sea, even the wind and the sea obeyed! They thought about it.

They never imagined that the man sleeping on a cushion could wield such power. In fact, until the problem surfaced and they were at their wits' end, he did not appear to be the one who could provide a solution.

The man, on the other hand, was able to sleep with a pillow in the storm because he knew what he could do to the storm. Because he was with them, he expected the sailors to sleep in the storm.

If they only knew He is the prince of peace, the game changer, and that when He speaks, even the storm listens. The storm would not have tried to rage against them if it had known he was in the boat.

If they had known who was in the boat with them, they would have called him and watched the incredible scene with calm, not fear.

He expects you to do the same when you're in trouble. Believe in yourself and ignore the raging storms that may manifest as physical forces. His presence is just what you need to calm the storm. Invite him, grab a pillow, and watch him do what he does best.


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