Biblical Ways to Gain Mastery over Anxiety

There are many secular articles on how to gain mastery over anxiety but in reality, outside God's word (the Bible), there is no sure process to help you out of the influence of this spirit of anxiety

Mastery over Anxiety is a

Matthew 6:25-33, Ecclesiastes 4:7-9

How to have control over Anxiety
Anxiety is a device of the enemy to distract a believer from the reality of Christ in you - the hope of Glory

1. Set your heart on the Word of God. 

Build your Faith in Christ by making Confessions from scriptures

2. Prayer - Jude 1:20. 
3. Set your pace in God's presence
4. Learn patience
5. Focus on the assignment God has given you
6. Build your Intimacy with Christ Jesus - understand that the things of this world are all vanity

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