Christian Drama: Trust in the Lord

Title: Trust in the Lord
Text: Isaiah 51:1-2, Hebrews 13:8


Bride: Odunayo Ayomide (A-Chief)
Groom: Ajadi Moses
Uncle: Bro. David (Issachar Papei)
Aunty: Sister Chioma
Jide: Brother Peter Godwin Achu
Father: Brother Prince (G-Issachar Papei)


Sound: Ayotola Oluseye (Ruggedman)
Light: Ogar Praise
Curtains: Ebiye Iniebolofini Gods'will and Bro Shalom (ATOS)
Costume and Makeup: Sister Mercy
Director: Mudasiru Eniola Ruth
Script: Mudasiru Eniola Ruth and Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde

(Curtain opens as the bride's father, Uncle and Aunty were seated on stage having a conversation with the groom to know his level of preparation for the wedding)

Groom: … Yes sir. (Cleans his face with a handkerchief). Like I said earlier, I truly want to marry your daughter. Although, I don't have much on me and things do not look like it at the moment, I know she is God's will for me and I trust God that I'll not put you to shame. 

Father: The question now is "How?" (His voice rises in anger) How will you not put us to shame? This is the exact problem I have with you. We have provided the meat, drinks and the hall - just settle the cake and the food. Is that too much to ask for?

Aunty: Henhen! By the way, do you have a place you'll be staying now or is it your father's house you're taking my daughter to? (Speaks in Yoruba - "O ma se o" and looks up sorrowfully) If Seun's mum were alive, I know she won't allow her daughter to marry a poor man for any reason.

Groom: All this will be sorted before that day ma. God is on our side. He has given us his approval and our trust is in Him.

Uncle: Which day are you talking about? Is it not next week Saturday?
See, I don't think this man is ready o (Turns to his sister -Aunty, and Seun's dad). He wants to marry our daughter, yet he doesn't have a roof over his head. Daddy Seun, I'll not allow you to give this man our daughter's hand in marriage because all I see around him is poverty. Imagine how this preparation has been on for about 2months now, yet you still can't figure the bearing of your life?

Groom: Errmmm..emm…Sir… She's God's will for me and together, we are trusting God that all things will work fine.

Father: Mr Man, I am skeptical because I have trusted you and your God long enough for Him to prove himself. If I eventually consent to this marriage, I will really choke you if that your God doesn't show up.

Uncle: You cannot give your consent in this alone oh. Since her mother died, you know how we all came together to take care of this child and her siblings? And you know that our people say that "it is the whole community that sees to the welfare of one child"? (Shrugs) You can't take this decision alone oh. You can't!

Father: Uncle, please calm down at least. Let's hear the young man out…

Aunty: (cuts in angrily at Daddy Seun's statement, she Stands up) What kind of talk is that again Daddy Seun? You are falling for his tricks already oh. Heheheh (laughs hysterically…) You these men, you can decide to carry on oh, but as for me, I'm out of this. May the head of my sister turn in the grave and judge you if you take any decision that will destroy my daughter's life… (Walks out of the stage as Curtain closes)

Scene 2

(She walks into the stage receiving a call)
Bride: My love, I don't like how you're sounding these days. I know you have so much on your mind. Remember you have always taught me not to worry or be anxious. Guess what? My wedding gown is ready

Groom: Wow! How?? 
Bride: (Cuts in immediately) It's God oh! my dear! I just visited Sister Florence and she told me that God laid it in her heart to help us sew it. It was a big surprise because she didn't ask for my size or anything. She simply used the last measurement I took for my gown and only needed to adjust the edges for it to fit properly. You should have seen me try on the gown. It's so lovely! Your bride is ready oh!!! 

Groom: Laughs. My God! This is so good to hear my love.

Bride: Yes oh. I can imagine the excitement in your heart. At least this is one bird down. Meanwhile, I sent you a voice note already on WhatsApp. If you're not too busy, please come online so we can chat for a while.
(Curtain closes)

Scene 3

(The groom was seen on stage thinking and thanking God for the wedding's success when a friend enters)

Jide: My guy! See the latest groom in town!! How did you do it? Seriously God is on your side. How did a wedding that we didn't know how it would hold suddenly become the talk of the town? This can only be God my brother!

Groom: Brother! Infact I'm totally amazed I just trusted God and He showed up. He didn't fail me, Jide! I remember those days in our service year when my big sister in the US promised me heaven and earth. She was like "don't worry - just finish your service year and a job is waiting for you". You wouldn't believe that since we finished NYSC, I have not communicated with her. She doesn't call and at the same time, she always misses my calls. Thank God I didn't rely on her promises. After I relied on man for so long, God began to show me my foolishness and in His mercy, he began to teach me to trust Him. He instructed me not to call any man that He will raise men for me.

Jide: Henhen...
Groom: Yes my brother. It was, and is still a difficult thing to trust in God. But as you can see today, the result of trusting in God  is evident. In fact, my wife has been speechless at how God changed our story overnight because we simply trusted Him to bless  our lives through the work of our hands.

Jide: Wow! This is really amazing my brother. Your life is a testimony of the fact that waiting on the Lord brings you out as a strong man, refined and fit to God's will and purpose. Your life is a proof that trusting in God has more benefits than you can ever imagine.

That reminds me. I came to tell you that I'm traveling back to South Africa in two days time and I don't think I'm coming back to this country for a long while. I was posted to pastor the regional headquarters of our church there and it's quite a demanding role. So here is my house key (hands over his house key and documents to him). I know your current rent will expire this month and although I know God has richly blessed you, I wouldn't want you to spend money renewing it. So you can move into the house immediately after your honeymoon. I have been thinking hard as regards a gift for you my friend until the Lord placed this in my heart.

Groom: Oh my God! (kneels down and bursts into joyful tears) It's true that those who trust in God will possess the land… (Psalm 37:9 NLT)

Jide: (holding the groom) Truly, those who trust in God will never be put to shame. God has blessed you and your New home… (curtain closes)
This Drama, titled Trust in the Lord was written by Mudasiru Eniola Ruth and Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde. It was first acted on stage by the Epistle (Drama) Unit of the Nigerian Christian Corpers' Fellowship (NCCF), Ebonyi State Chapter.

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