Recently, I've learnt something from my little sister as a baby that she is. I learnt something new from her behavior.

There were days(even till now) that she would look clingy. She would follow me wherever I go when I am working or doing something important. She wouldn't rest until she sleeps. And when she wakes up, I am in for another ride of her follow up. I just feel frustrated at times and ask her,

"I am not running away. Do I look like your daddy?"

Funny, right?

She wouldn't fail to answer me with a yes.

All she wanted was attention. Even in the dark, she wouldn't fail to cry till I answer her immediately.

What am I bringing out of this story?

The Lord God doesn't want you to be far away from him. He wants you close to his heart. He wants you to be close to him that nothing would come between the both of you ( Romans 8:35-37). He wants you to seek for his attention like a baby. He wants to call you his friend. 

He wants you to be clingy around him. He isn't complaining neither is he frustrated. Even in darkness, he wants you to call unto him and he is ready to answer you.(Isaiah 58:1-2).

Most importantly, he wants you to draw near to him in Holiness (James 4:8).

God bless you!

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