Biography of Minister Ebuka Hillary Emmanuel (Ebuka Songs)

Full Biography of Minister Ebuka Hillary Emmanuel (Ebuka Songs)

Minister Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary, who is popularly known as “Ebuka songs”, is a professional and talented Nigerian gospel artist and songwriter. He was born in the year, 1992 and hails from the southern region of Nigeria but was born and raised in Obinle area, Imo State, Nigeria.

Ebuka is signed to Moses’ Bliss Spotlight Nation, a gospel music record label.

Ebuka was born in a God-fearing home, and grew up with a knack for worship songs. Growing up, he studied theatre arts at Imo State University (IMSU), and this was where he started his music career. 

He recently released a new song, which he titled “I will pray”. 

Ebuka is known not only for his kind of music but also for the chants he includes. These chants are highly spiritual as many have claimed to be touched by them.

Songs and Musical Releases by Minister Ebuka Songs

Minister Ebuka Songs has released the following sounds
  • I will pray
  • Midnight cry
  • The value of life
  • Soaked worship
  • A cry for help
  • Father me
  • Outpouring
  • Fellowship
  • Calling my Name

Minister Ebuka Songs is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and X. You can also follow his ministry updates via his official YouTube Channel here

Based in Lagos state, Nigeria, Ebuka Songs is a worshipper who has a great passion for music and has started his music calling from a very tender age, and God has been glorified through it. 

The new single was released in 2021, following the release of "What I Preach," which was the previous single. The singer is also responsible for the compilation of gospel records titled "Midnight Cry," which was published.

The collection currently consists of two volumes, the most recent of which was just released not too long ago. In addition, Ebuka has collaborated with other gospel artists, such as Victoria Orenze, to release a record titled "Spirit Chant."

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