Keep The Fire Burning

 “And the fire upon the altar shall be burning in it; it shall not be put out; and the priest shall burn wood on it every morning and lay the burnt offering in order upon it, and he shall burn thereon the fat of the peace offerings.” (Leviticus 6 vs. 12 KJV)

The Oxford Advanced Dictionary reference characterises fire as a chemical response including the holding of oxygen with carbon or other fuel, the generation of heat, and the nearness of fire or smouldering. Fire is an imperative fix in the life of a Christian. Fire acts as a filtering operator. It cleans the hearts of believers from sins and expends them, not for devastation but to be appropriate for the Master's use.

From the Book of Scriptures entry above, the fire in the holy place is so critical that it must not indeed go off. And for that to be conceivable, it implies that the priest must always be found at the altar. Fire is additionally used to burn each sacrifice that's placed on the altar. The fire in the holy place brings down the nearness of God; the presence of God drives out evil; and whatever is unclean is made clean.

The fire that burned in the holy place may be a “literal” fire, but the fire that burns within the heart of a Christian should be a “spiritual” fire. Who is the fireman? Who made the sacrifice? God is the fire, and we are the sacrifice. Once we surrender our lives to Him, He lives inside us. And for us to be utilised by Him, we must ceaselessly offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to Him.

The presence of fire in the lives of Christians makes a difference in keeping our hearts burning for Christ. It stirs our hearts, opens our eyes to see, and opens our ears to listen. Everyone who is born of the spirit needs fire.

The presence of God can, as it were, only come and move on a sacrificial table that's continuously burning. Our spirits must continuously be willing. The nearness of fire decontaminates and prunes us, such that the thorns and the thistles drop away for us to produce good fruits.

As Christians, we must constantly keep the fire burning. Our hearts must be prepared at all times. A heart that's not prepared cannot burn for Christ. We must not be too engrossed with unremarkable things at the cost of supplication so that the fire that's implied to keep burning isn't turned off due to negligence.

As Christians, we must not leave the place of prayer. The fire of God is so imperative that we must never lose it. Nothing must or ought to take the form of prayer. We all have our moments of shortcomings, but the presence of God’s fire inside us resuscitates and reestablishes us. The nearness of fire in our hearts takes away hindrances between us and God, divulges our hearts, and brings us face-to-face with God. Our hearts persistently pant for Him, and we hunger for more of Him.

The presence of the Holy Ghost can also be communicated as a fire, which makes a difference in enlightening us and keeping the fire burning. We can burn with the Holy Ghost when we make our hearts ready. Once you have the Holy Ghost fire, you're filled with the presence of God. A believer’s heart that ceaselessly burns for God can never be tepid. 

There's completely no place for lukewarmness. The instruction is to keep the fire burning unquenchably on the altar of our hearts.

©️ Oluwadamilola Oluwatumininu Ajayi

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