Christian Drama: Carriers of God’s Glory

Batch C1 2023 Welcome Service Drama
Theme: Carriers of God's Glory
Topic: In the Days of Thy Youth (Ecclesiastes 12:1) 


Chijoke: Olutoto Joel Oluwafayokunmi
James: Prince Oyakhilome
Male Corper: Adeniyi Adekanmi Emmanuel
Female Corper: Sis Faith
Chef: Sis Ogar Praise (Prayess) Two corp members - Bro David Ibimodi (Issachar Papae) and Sis. Mercy CREW Light: Sis Rossy Sound: Sis. Eniola (ADD) Costume: Sis Rachael and Sis. Mercy Stage Manager: Sis. Ayomide (A-Chief) 
(Phone rings with the lights still off, Chijoke's voice is heard in the background on a call)
Chijoke: Hello James, how you dey? 
James: My brother, I dey alright oh. Wetin dey happen? 
Chijoke: Nothing much oh. I been dey call your line since. Where you waka go? James: My guy, I just dey reach house like this oh. I just cut that second street enter my house... na why I no branch your house be that. James: Ehehn? E no fresh like that but No yawa. We go see later. I been reason say na road you dey. Na why you no pick…. That place where you stand dey somehow noisy. People dey there? Your phone dey loud speaker? Chijoke: Yes. Shey my voice dey echo? James: Yes. E get something wey I wan tell you.. abeg comot am for loudspeaker make I hear you clearly… Chijoke: Ehehen? Wetin be that James: You don comot am for loudspeaker? Chijoke: Yes na… (There is dead silence) Chijoke: Jesus! How come? Why? Ah! 

Scene 1 

(Lights come on stage. A male corp member is seen filing his cutlass, getting ready for the assignment. He engages a lady who is washing clothes in a conversation.
Christian Drama: Carriers of God’s Glory
Male corp member: Hmmm. My sister, It's not an easy task for a man to carry the glory of God. It requires great responsibility and grace because the weight of God's glory is heavy. I am preparing hard. Now is time to get ready. We are young and diligent… we only need to be yielding. That way, we can avoid any stories of "had I known…". My friend, we'd push till the end.. I'm very sure of that. All will be well.
Female corp member: Even in the well (smiles)… As for me in this house, I count every bit of training as a privilege. To me, staying in any land where God has placed me is a very great privilege. I have come to learn that you cannot truly carry the glory of God if you're outside the place He put you. Carrying the glory of God is really dependent on your location as a person. You remember Obed-Edom? (Continues washing) Who housed the ark of the glory of God and it became profit unto him? I look forward to the end result of this work. I see a beautiful day ahead... See! That's why I'm washing my dress (removes the khaki from the water and shows it). I'm getting ready to carry God's glory everywhere in the next one year and for the rest of my life… 

(Two fully dressed corp members walk, discussing across the stage from one end till they walk out. Chijoke walks in from the other end. He looks at the other corp members with disdain. The corp members walk out successfully as Chijoke stops to make a call. The other cast on stage freeze.) 

Chijoke: Hello Mummy, I'm not happy oo... , me I can't stay here ooo.. This place looks deserted and shabby. In fact I'm working on the relocation now. I expected much actually, but getting here, I was so disappointed. I don't think I'm part of the people God is calling here cos I might die here. (Looks again at the corp members on stage) No ooo, suffering is not my surname, I'm going to a place of solace… a place that is more appealing. (He leaves the stage and they unfreeze) 
Male corp member: That's true my sister… As for me, I have rolled up my sleeves (adjusts sleeves) and I am determined to carry the glory of God. I will wear it upon me like a garment and carry God's matter on my head. I don't mind whatever anybody says. I know that indeed, if I carry God's glory, He will in turn lift me up. He will never leave me stranded. God's word says "if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me". This is my solace and consolation. I will definitely stay here and be a carrier of his glory! 
(A chef in an apron comes in to supply them their daily bread)
Christian Drama: Carriers of God’s Glory
Chef: Food is ready oh. Food is ready! Your salvation is here. Everything you need for the fulfillment of life and purpose is here. Now that you are young, I bring to you, all that you need to properly carry the glory of God everywhere you go. It is here, and It is free because it has been paid for. Christ paid for it with His blood and that's why you can now boldly carry the glory of God! You can now indeed scream "No blood! No glory!…" Because if you were not redeemed by His blood, you will be unable to carry His glory! Now sit and eat… You only need to eat from this tray… As you eat, you eat God's word, and I bring you into the reality of the answers to the prayers made in this quarry site. I open you to the rewards of the labours of past heros. I bring you to reap the rewards of their sweat and tears. I open you up to indeed become carriers of God's glory! You have come by prayer... Now eat for the journey is far. And you must not back out because the world awaits the glory you carry. 
Chef: To all that are willing to stay through the process even in this quarry site… To all that are ready to be a true carrier of God's glory, God's word for you in this season is embedded in Isaiah 43:2 which says "When you pass through the waters, I'll be with you, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you: when you walk through the fire, you will not be burned, neither will the flame kindle upon you. So as commanded in Isaiah 60:1-2, God is calling you to Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. Dear Carrier of God's glory, Stay through, keep laboring in the days of your youth. Do not find joy in earthly pleasures for there is surely an end to them. (Bow your head wherever you are and ask God to help you. Ask God to trust you to carry His glory. It takes great trust for God to give His glory to a man and ask Him to carry it to the ends of the earth…) 
(All cast leave the scene while the prayers go on. The lights go off and then, the Epilogue comes in). 


James: (hears Chijoke crying in the background) Hello! Hello! Chijoke! Are you still there? Hello!
Chijoke: (crying continues) Guy! Why now? You told me this your guy is a sure plug! Why? Sure plug sure plug, now Ebonyi don change to Borno state… like How? How come? I should have just waited in Ebonyi because what's this…. 
Drama Director/Assistant walks in to round up the drama...
Just like Chijoke, many info you are seated here hoping to redeploy… "Remember [thoughtfully] also your Creator in the days of your youth [for you are not your own, but His], before the evil days come or the years draw near when you will say [of physical pleasures], "I have no enjoyment and delight in them";" ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭12:1‬ ‭AMP‬‬

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