Christian Movie: Breath of Life

This movie deserves an International Award! What a movie! So I decided to see this Breath of Life Movie yesterday and it was worth my time. Nollywood finished work here. So emotional, I won't lie I shed tears at the end of the movie. All I could see was God's Love and Substitution. What a powerful message there. 

I saw a man who truly loves the God but was angry at Him because of the terrible incident that happened to his family, that he so much love. Timi was such a nice man, with a good heart. Even though he attempted several times to end his life, God didn't allow it to happen because he had a purpose for him. And Elijah, the lover boy! menhhhh! That guy was diligent and patient in service, not many people can endure all that mr. Timi did to him when he first started the job as the house manager. No wonder he was rewarded massively. 

Final Thoughts

Make I nor go tell you the whole story, go and watch it you'll love it. You can watch it on Prime Video.

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