The Principle of Territorial Alignment

The Bible teaches that God has established boundaries for every nation , and that he has a purpose and plan for everybody on earth. Just as the spirit of God has specific purposes and intentions for every individual, he has a divine purpose and intent for a particular territory. Therefore, God sends forth his spirit into that part of the earth for that specific purpose. 

God has placed each person in a specific place for a specific purpose because he wants us to partner with him to bring his will and ways to bear on the territory he has given us. This territory can be physical ,relational or even spiritual.

In the Bible, the story of Joshua and the Israelites entering the promised land is an epic principle of territorial alignment. The Israelites were preparing to enter the promised land after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. Before the entered the land, God gave Joshua specific instructions on how to take possession of the territory. Joshua was told to divide up the land among the 12 tribes of Israel ,and to drive out the inhabitants of the land who opposed God's people. He was also told to establish cities of refuge and to set up the tabernacle in the promised land. By following God's instructions , Joshua and the Israelites experienced God's blessings and victory in their territory.

Joshua 1:3 tells us that, " Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses". God has promised that he will give you the places where you walk and inhabit. The lord will give you your desired territory but you have to make it yours by taking it. 

Prophet Elijah in the bible also claimed his territory by speaking God's truth and confronting the evil King Ahab . King Ahab had led the people of Israel away from God and into idolatry. Ahab and his wife Jezebel were particularly wicked ,and Elijah stood against them and called the people of Israel back to worship the true one God. 

Also, Joseph, the dreamer was a young man who experienced many trials including being sold into slavery and spending years in the prison . However, God was with him and he eventually became the second most powerful person in Egypt. He used his position to save many lives during a severe famine including his family members. Joseph recognized that God was in control of his life and that everything to that had happened to him was part of God's plan. Joseph could have been bitter about his circumstances ,but he chose to use them for good. He understood that territorial alignment was not about his own comfort or success ,but about serving God and bringing him glory. As a result, God blessed him richly and used him to bring great deliverance for his people. 

Territorial alignment can be summed up in one word: dominion . The Bible teaches that God created the world and gave dominion over it to humanity. This means we have been given the responsibility to rule over the space that we have been given. We have been given the authority to take dominion over our lives ,our families, our homes , and our communities. However, we should exercise this God given authority and allow his will in our lives. We can do this by living in obedience to his word and walking in spirit. 

Here are a few principles of territorial alignment

1. Understanding that everything on earth belongs to God 

2. Recognizing that we are God's stewards, not owners of what he has given to us.

3. Managing our possessions in a way that honors and glorifies God. We are responsible for caring and managing the things God has entrusted to us. 

4. Take up your authority in Christ and walk in the power of the holy spirit. 

5. Seek God's will for your life and ask him to show you the territory he has given to you.

6. Territorial alignment works on the principle of spiritual warfare. The Bible teaches us that we are engaged in a spiritual battle with the forces of darkness. Satan and his demons seek to take away the territory of God's people and to cause them to lose ground in their lives. But we have been given the authority to resist these forces of darkness and claim back our territory. 

7. Obedience to God is a key principle of territorial alignment. It is a key to receiving God's blessings. Obedience is not a burden or chore but a path to blessing and fulfilment 

8. Be willing to take risks and step out in faith

9. Seeking God's guidance through studying the word of God.

10. Persevere  during difficulties and keep in mind that God is with you.

As we submit to God's ultimate authority , he works his will through us and our territories are in the right alignment .

One way to practically apply the concept of territorial alignment is to make a list of the different territories in your life . This could include your home, your job, your finances, your relationships and more. Once you have your list, you can ask yourself how each territory is currently aligned to God's will . Are there areas you need to be more fully submitted to his authority? As you identify these  areas, you can begin to make changes that will bring your life into greater alignment with God's will.

Abraham in the old testament is another great example of someone who walked in territorial alignment . In Genesis 12 , God called Abraham to leave his country and go to the land that he would show him. Abraham did not know where he was going ,but he trusted and obeyed God. This was a radical act of faith and obedience and he is know as ' the father of faith' because of this . He allowed God to lead him.  This and many more bible characters had shown the principle of territorial alignment in their various lives. 

Another aspect of territorial alignment is the idea of boundaries. Boundaries are important because they help us to stay within the territory that God has given us. If we do not clear boundaries, we can easily drift into areas that God never intended for us. That is why it is so important to be aware of the boundaries God has established in our lives. Boundaries are not meant to limit us ,but to protect us and keep us safe. 

If you feel you have lost or given up on the territory in your life , whether physically ,or spiritually ,there is always hope. God is always ready to restore what has been lost and redeem you.

God's plan for our lives is perfect and we can trust that he is working out things for our good. Jeremiah 29: 11 says, " For I know the thoughts that I think toward you ,saith the lord ,thoughts of peace ,and not of evil ,to give you an expected end ". 

The first step to take is to turn to God in prayer and repentance. Then,you can begin to reclaim your territory by taking small steps of faith and obedience. Make changes in your life that aligns with God's will. The devil takes advantage of you when you are not in alignment with God's will for your life. You would start experiencing negative thoughts or feelings of despair. Stay connected and stay focused on the things God has in store for you. 

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