3 Things You Must Do To Have A Sense Of Identity

 Three Things You Must Do To Have A Healthy Sense Of Identity.

Obsession, enmeshment, lack of self confidence are all proof of a poor sense of identity. Without a sense of identity, you stand the chance of overplaying your role in people's life or even allowing people overplay their roles in your life. An healthy sense of identity is needed in living healthily and in having healthy relationships. There are certain things to put in place, so as to have a healthy sense of identity, three of such are detailed below:

1) Knowing Whose Product You Are.

We cannot correctly know the worth of anything, if we don't know what it came from or who it belongs to. For instance, every Toyota car is called Toyota because it was made by the Toyota Company and came from it. Hence, it should be a criminal act, to call a Toyota car a tricycle or treat it as such. Why? A Toyota is worth more than a Camry. Note the word "worth".

Now, that's Toyota, how much more you?

Man was made by God. Man came from God. For us to understand how much a man's worth, we may need to study the God from which He came. This God is not in time. He's not subjected to anything mundane. He created all things and was never created. He's not seen, yet His acts are seen in display and are undeniable. This God could wipe the whole earth at the snap of His fingers, yet He chose not to and He even sent His son to redeem the world from sins. This same God is now the one who made you, how much do you think you're worth? Before you answer casually, remember whose product you are- God's, the creator of the universe, who's subject to nobody. However, one striking thing about this God is that, He doesn't impose Himself on anyone. He gives them the will power to choose Him or not, which leads us to the next point.

2) Choosing To Stay With Your Manufacturer.

A product cannot really do so well as it ought to do, if it's taken outside the context of it's usage in the Manufacturer's manual. I'll explain. Say for instance, you have a cutlery set without knowing the rules guiding its usage, you'll most likely abuse its use, using it inappropriately or for something entirely different.

It's the same thing with you. When you choose to do life without submission to the one who made you, you'll be many things but not the person in God's design. When you choose to submit to God, by believing in the redemption He offered through Jesus, you've just qualified for taking on His identity and being His child. Fathers give children the language of their destiny and that's what God would do with you. Seeking God will just naturally bring you into the knowing of who you are in Him.

3) Seeing Through The Eyes of Your Maker.

This point is very important. I said that because, it's very possible to be God's child and still not act like it. When we come to God, we could be coming from plenty horrible experiences such as childhood trauma, father or mother wounds, rape incidents and many other traumatic experiences that seem to have reduced one's worth and makes one sees himself less of who he should be. These experiences form the basis from which you view yourself and life in general and so, it's impossible to see yourself as important, when your own parents never communicated that.

But when we come to God, we don't just come to receive a new life. We come to receive a new perspective. The deliverance that's most liberating is the one that changes your mindset, your belief system, shifting you from thinking like a commoner to thinking like a citizen of God's kingdom. So many believers have not experienced that mind shift and that's why they still have low self-esteem, still cling to others to feel important, still seek to please people. The problem is not that they're not genuinely saved, their minds have not just gotten to the place they are in Christ. To get there, we need a shifting as detailed Romans 12:2

‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

[2] And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

God bless you.

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