The New Man Prayer Network

The New Man Prayer Network is a gathering of dedicated praying believers and intercessors who shake authorities, dominions and kingdoms by doing exploits in prayer. They are experts on their knees and giants at the altar of prayer.
New Man Prayer Networ

The book of Isaiah 62:6-7 speaks of watchmen and this is a significant description for intercessors and men of prayer. As a prayer network, we receive emails, calls and texts as prayer requests from all over the world. We  also have praying lists. These are a progress mark-check for the testimonies God would have us receive.

There are also promises for whosoever wills to pray over these prayer requests. The promises for persons involved as members of this prayer network include that there will be diverse manifestation of gifts and a shift in paradigm. There will be a shift in priorities too because many will discover true purpose in the course of this spiritual exercise.

At The New Man Prayer Network, we have a number of prayer partners. These prayer partners are fellow ministries involved in the work of intercession.

If you have any prayer requests. Please drop them via [email protected] or send them via this link.

If you will to be an intercessor and a link to God, please, click this link.

God bless you

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