Koinonia: Take Me Back!

Restore unto me the joy of my salvation and depart not thy HOLYSPIRIT from me. PSALM 51:11

Do you remember those moment you just want to sit on the floor of the bathroom talking to him, do you remember those moment you want to take some time off to fellowship with him, do you remember those days you can't wait to get back home so you can gist with him, do you remember those moment you ask him questions about everything. Do you remember those moments nothing else mattered ,remember those days you are not even hungry because you are filled with the love of the communion with the holyspirit. Do you remember ?

This questions was what came  to me, I was tired, I was frustrated as a Christian, I couldn't connect anymore. "What is wrong with me"? I would ask myself, why don't I desire the things of the spirit anymore ,why do I feel depressed, why am I so indifferent about everything.  I was tired and I missed the good old days. Many of us get here, we do not understand what went wrong!  What has become of the joy of our salvation! why are we no longer refreshed in the spirit anymore. I was in that place for months and I didn't know what has gone wrong with me until the mercy of God brought a book to me through a Christian library group I joined, the book is titled good morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn.  It was boring and didn't make sense to me at first because I had no desire to study the word. I struggled but by grace, I kept on reading until it hit me what happened to me and it all began to make sense. Oh how I missed the days I would dance with the holyspirit and laugh out loud with him! It dawned on me, the realization of my predicament dawned and I realised I was the cause, I got so familiar with the holyspirit that I didn't study his nature or understand who he is.

What happened to those butterflies in your stomach when you first gave your life to Christ? what happened to the bubbles you had?. What busted the bubbles was your lack of continual fellowship with the holyspirit. The holyspirit is the presence of God! He is the presence you enjoyed when you came to God and you craved so much for his fellowship, that presence made you continually sane and ever eager to do the things of the spirit not your will, not your desire.  The mistake we make is we think we can enjoy our Christian life without recognizing and acknowledging the place of the holyspirit. He is your comforter, your counselor. He is the connection between you , God the father  and God the son so don't go dumping him and expect to enjoy your Christian walk

I told him to come back in tears, I realised I have been grieving him with my actions thus far and as his nature he won't meddle except you invite him. Tell him to come back, he is simple and tender in nature but powerful also. Tell him how much you want those moments back, moment of pure bliss.

He craves for your presence,
no other reason but to have it .
it is certainly friendship an intimate companionship with someone who
knows you in a way no one else did;
a heightened state of friendship.
Love with some combination of friendship
and innocent affection and care  .
A deeply affection accompanied by a certain sort of awe.
and by gratitude. and by desire ,a lifetime of togetherness.  

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