Gender dysphoria and Gayism

"While I was in the bathroom, I felt this cold sensation. He grabbed
me from behind and the other guy held his hand round my mouth. He turned me over and thrust me to the ground then inserted his sexual organ into my buttocks. It was terrible- the pain, the thoughts... I could not imagine..." - Gay Rape Victim, November 2015. 

Have you ever seen a guy who behaves like a lady? Or a lady, like a guy (the ones we called Tom-boys)?

Do you think such guys are gay? And the ladies Lesbians?

What do you make of their situation? Self Identity crisis?

Emade is a young man with Gender dysphoria, a state when there is conflict between a person's physical gender and the gender he or she identifies with.

Here, people may act as members of the opposite sex-a person who is physically a boy may actually feel and act like a girl. The person is uncomfortable with the gender they were born as.

Gender dysphoria used to be known as gender identity disorder.

The society we live in is one that misconstrue ideas except if they are put straight to them. The matters of gender dysphoria is one of these issues.

Adequate research has shown that Gender dysphoria may affect one's:

* Choice of Sexual partners
* Mannerisms, behavior, and dress
* Self-concept

Research over time has also proved however that Gender dysphoria is
not the same as homosexuality. 

Identity conflicts need to continue over time to be considered as gender dysphoria i.e it generates from the Identity conflict stage up to the Gender Dysphoria stage and subsequently, the homosexual stage. 

However, not all gender dysphorics end up as homosexuals. This is
because certain societal measures come in place (Click here to see statistics) in form of family, cultural values and most importantly, religion (in African societies).

So the standing question: "Is there an homosexual factor in persons
battling with gender dysphoria?" stands solved. 

Furthermore, how the gender conflict occurs is different in each person. It could occur in terms of security when with other persons
and peer, leading to societal loners and recluses, mental sense
attractions and health issues...

It is conclusive thereof that in most societies today, the gender
dysphoria and the homo-factor remains a case of "Who is on the run?"

(The gay rape story is a real life incident. Emade is a replaced name
for the character mentioned above. If however, a resemblance still
surfaces, the writer sends apologies.)

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