No One is Born Gay: How to Recover from Gender Dysphoria

To say that God created gays and lesbians is to call God a liar and an author of confusion. There are many reasons to think one was born gay but it is a lie we must stop. The truth is simple - No one was born gay. Life just happened in the formative years and it was believed hence the confusion and the stronghold. 

Our thoughts and imaginations build up as high things and form a stronghold. In this case, the stronghold is a wrong belief system and this is what we wrestle against. Sometimes, it feels so good to accept a lie, but no matter how good you feel or how true it sounds, a lie is still a lie. I have few of life lessons because God is  not done with me but one of the things I know for sure is 

Culture doesn't change God - Nothing does. I think we are the ones who even allow culture decides everything for us , Trends doesn't change the mind of God , how you feel and your opinion doesn't count . 

I learnt this in a very serious way . Sometimes we are waiting and hoping and wishing God will change just because we feel more 'ENLIGHTENED' . No , God is not like us . He is intentional and deliberate and there is no way God will agree with you just so you can be happy . He is a responsible father and he won't give you candy so you can feel good knowing full well you will ruin your stomach .

The Fall: My Story?

I was 5 years when I chose to accept that I was a boy. Everyone around me would say "oh you look like a boy" you should have been a boy, it sounded so true it became my reality so as young as I was I accepted I was a boy and everything that came with it . I wouldn't believe otherwise hence I thought I was born gay , thought I was born to like girls . It was first a thought , then it became an imagination then it became a stronghold ( a wrong belief system) so the first time I heard I wasn't born gay , I was pissed , angry and miserable.

One thing about the truth is it makes you miserable first before it sets you free and that's not because the truth chooses to be that way but because we have believed a lie for so long that when we get hit with the truth , the lie in us fights it back . I was really angry and I needed explanations but it was the truth , there was no denying it because the new nature I now have which is the nature of God Christ confirmed it.

Giving my life to Christ opened my eyes to who I am , the word of God opened up to me and I could clearly see the lies of the devil . It is true that no one can be blamed for things that happened in their formative years but it doesn't make it right . God doesn't create confusion , devil does . Understanding the nature of God helps us to understand ourselves better . I got to know myself and I am still knowing myself better as I get to know God . I realized believing I was born gay was believing a lie , believing I was a boy because people said so was believing a lie , believing my feelings was the true definition of who I am was believing a lie . 

To everyone struggling with sexuality disorders , the key is drawing near to God . As you get to know God , you get to know who you are because you are created in his image . You are not created to be defined by culture or trends . 

Even though I knew in my spirit through the revelation of the Holy Spirit that no one is born gay , I still needed to know what happened . If I wasn't born gay , if God is not evil, so why do I like girls?

It wasn't in church that I was told I wasn't born gay , it was weeks after in my hostel while fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit that this truth came to me . God's word in John 16:13 says "however when the spirit of truth comes , he will guide you into all truth". This was many weeks after I invited Jesus into my life and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. It was painful. I defended it at first, using all scientific explanations I thought were right.

"See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ" Colossians 2:8

Even though I knew in my spirit through the revelation of the Holy Spirit that no one was is born gay, I still needed to know what happened. If I wasn't born gay, if God is not, evil so why do I like girls? 

The Fall. The fall happened . Men fell from the divine position given unto him , he disobeyed his creator , it wasn't just a matter of disobedience , it was a disobedience that had great consequence. In disobeying God , he chose the devil , in disobeying God , he transferred his authority to the deceiver 

And he said to him,

"I will give you all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want. Luke 4:6

This transfer  of authority gave birthed many things - birthed, imputed sin on every seed of Adam and homosexuality was part of that varieties of lies . Lies to destroy man , lies told to man to thwart his destiny and to keep him chained . God wasn't evil , God didn't create sin , The Fall happened . 


Gender Dysphoria and Your Salvation in Christ

Sometimes, the truth first makes you feel miserable before it sets you free but giving your life to Christ comes with a lot of freedom from everything that used to be "fine" or "okay" with you. For many new believers, they suddenly feel so much discomfort for anything ungodly.

Have you have ever seen a guy who behaves like a lady, or vice versa? Do you think such guys are gay? And the ladies Lesbians? What do you make of their situation? Self Identity crisis?

What is Gender Dysphoria?

Gender dysphoria is a state when there is conflict between a person's physical gender and the gender he or she identifies with. Here, people may act as members of the opposite sex-a person who is physically a boy may actually feel and act like a girl. The person is uncomfortable with the gender they were born as. Gender dysphoria used to be known as gender identity disorder.

The society we live in is one that misconstrue ideas except if they are put straight to them. The matters of gender dysphoria is one of these issues. However, adequate research has shown that Gender dysphoria may affect one's choice of Sexual partners, mannerisms, behaviours, dress sense and self-concept among others.
Also, research over time has also proved however that Gender dysphoria is not the same as homosexuality.  Identity conflicts need to continue over time to be considered as gender dysphoria i.e it generates from the Identity conflict stage up to the Gender Dysphoria stage and subsequently, the homosexual stage. 

However, not all gender dysphorics end up as homosexuals. This is because certain societal measures come in place in form of family, cultural values and most importantly, religion (in African societies). Is there an homosexual factor in persons battling with gender dysphoria?

How gender conflict occurs is different in each person. It could occur in terms of security when with other persons and peer, leading to societal loners and recluses, mental sense attractions and health issues.

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