What Leadership and Intuition Really Means

Good Leaders have strong intuition. This is because they have the ability to see things when others do not and get things when others can not. The dictionary tells the meaning of intuition to be a feeling that you know something is correct or true, although you do not know why. People likewise say we should trust our intuition.

I'll refuse to agree with that anyway because not all intuitions should be trusted. The categories of intuition is what I call the 3Ns- NEVER, NURTURED and NATURAL. The next few lines would take us through them.

1. Those who will NEVER see it: Putting these people into a leadership role is like putting a square peg in a round hole; you can keep hammering and driving it, but it won't fit. When someone's gifted to work in a support role, it's a mistake to put them in the leadership role. We are responsible for the gifts we have and not what others think we have.

2. Those who are NURTURED to see it: These have the raw material; they just need to be nurtured and mentored, informed, instructed and inspired and they would become good leaders. The truth is, without intuition, we are condemned to be blindsided by events and opinions all our lives.

3. Those who NATURALLY see it: These are the ones who are born with true leadership gifts. They instinctively understand people and know how to move them from point A to point B. Even as children, they act as leaders. People with this can build on it and become great leaders.
Intuition is no longer the normal believe as to a thing, it is more of decisions concerning how those things work for good. As said earilier, without intuition, we are condemned to be blindsided by events and opinions all our lives...

Be Inspired, Get Intuition.

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