The Three Cs Life Zones

For everything a man decides to do in life, there is a kind of ZONING that is involved. ZONING here refers to a condition that could pilot his decision to succeed in the positive or negative. The ability of these conditions to point the success however depends largely on such being- his choice and actions as to them. These three zones are categorised as The 3 Cs bearing the Challenge zone, the Comfort zone and the Coasting zone.
life zones

The challenge Zone is one crucial Zone that permits the attempt to do what has not been done before. It however gives room for better performance or poor results depending on how man takes the challenge. If you see the challenge as something great and focus, the positive side wins. On the other hand, the negative does.

The Comfort Zone

This zone exists for they who only do what they already know they can do. They do not leave their capabilities alone and so there is no uncertain future to worry about. They do not take up challenges because they are presumed comfortable.

The Coasting Zone

Here, there's a thought of "I do not even do what I've done before." Of these three zones, the coasting zone remains the worst because it shows a backward lifestlye. These do not only rest on their oars, they also refuse to sail the ship.

With life explained in these three, it is hoped that you have figured out where you belong- the challenge, the comfort and the coasting zone. Choice is however the greatest. If you discover you belong somewhere not satisfactory, choose wisely a better option from these Cs.

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