Isolation, Depression and Your Freedom in Christ

I wanted to title this article oppression which is the third stage of the devils game but the holyspirit said I should title it freedom. The truth sets free and the entrance of God’s word giveth life and understanding. We preach freedom and release from all lies, high imaginations and strongholds of the mind that are against the teachings of truth 

Isolation is when you stay in the place of condemnation , it is a deceptive place meant to truncate the will of God for your life . It is the place where devil dishes out his rules if you do not get out quickly. He is the father of all liars and at every stage in the process of destroying a man he tells a lie to make you blind to the realities of what he is actually doing . Our lack of being sensitive gets most of us to the room of isolation where the oppression begins but we thank God because we have been delivered from the dominion of darkness and we have been transferred to the kingdom of his beloved son where there is redemption and forgiveness of sins. 

It is pertinent to first note that the battle field of the devil is the mind because he understands how the mind is central to the life of a man so before any  situation manifests in the physical, it must have been a won battle in the mind . The mind is the soil where a man produce fruits from . For the most part of my teenage years , I was clueless of his lies because I thought everything that happened to me was just because God hated me so  I became most of the time a loner at home and distance myself from people or anyone who tries to help me through preaching the word , I just wanted to be alone because I felt so condemned and as I stayed long in isolation , I became a victim of oppression but thank God for salvation and restoration of sanity .!Your lack of getting out of the place of isolation will lead to oppression by the devil and I know you are asking questions now as you read ? How do we know if a man is being oppressed ? How do I know if a friend is going through this stage . 

Giving my life to Christ gave me a new name and a new life I could never imagined , a life I once thought as a dream and a fancy that never comes to pass and it made me ask questions in the place of meditation and one of the profound answer I got is that when a man gets to the stage of oppression , the devil begins to make him disgrace himself . The prodigal son first got distracted by money , then got isolated ; no friends , no family just him and the pigs and the oppression began (feeding on  pigs food)  you need to know devil does not have your  best interest at heart and until you are ready to always go back to God no matter your mistakes , no matter the distraction , he will keep playing on your mind and making you disgrace yourself . Before I became born again , I often wondered why do people say “it is the devil” whenever they mess up until God revealed to me that in a way they are right” , when a man is not sensitive to the game of the devil , he allows him bring him to a place where he begins to act out the will of the devil. First distraction , then isolation then come the oppression.  The point where people say “it is the devil” is never the beginning of the destruction , it started from failure to get out of manipulated situations which is the place of distraction snd isolation but we thank God for redemption where there is restoration and forgiveness of sins . 

Get out of the room of isolation. That is where the torture and oppression begins. Oppression by the devil leads to destruction. before a man commits suicide, he is first oppressed by depression, sadness , confusion, pain, worry, lies , suicide thoughts and  the destruction happens when he doesn’t get help early . The destruction of a man is an endgame of  the life of a man which  began from distraction, isolation and oppression and may we receive strength in the name of Jesus to GET OUT ! 

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