The Devil's Distraction

The devil plays by five basic rules. These rules are called the five key instruments to destroy a man. One of these basic rules is distraction amongst the others. In its order,these instruments are:

2. Isolation 
3. Oppression 
5.Destruction .  

The final stage of the destruction of a man begins first with distraction and because most individuals are busy fighting demons, we remain blind to the fact that the process that leads to to the wreckage of a mans life starts from distraction.

I know that as you read this, you are already looking at the trends of these things and how they are familiar to us . You will agree with the Holy Spirit that from time immemorial, every mistake a man makes comes first from distraction . 

In John 10:10 “ “The devil has come to steal, kill and destroy”. This verse in the Bible is one of the most misunderstood verse because many think that the three actions of stealing , killing and destroying is performed independent of each other. Many also believe that sometimes, the devil steals and sometimes he just chooses to kill and sometimes he could as well destroy . I had always thought the same thing too until I read again under the tutelage of the holyspirit and it was right there staring at me like a new verse that just got added to the Bible.

“The devil first steals your attention , then kills the word of God in you and after he chokes out the faith in you then the grand part , destruction” 

JOHN 10:10 is defined as “the distraction from the instructions of God ends in destruction”

There is this thing people say that “Oh! the devil sneaked up on me... “   It is a lie because the destruction started from the place of distraction and this distraction comes in unpleasant situations - lies, that shift our attention from what is real and true which is the word of God . They are downers orchestrated by the devil to distract us from the instructions of the father which leads to eternal life . 

What makes a man steps out of the narrow way and assumes the broad way that leads to destruction is distraction and a lot of us are in this boat just like Adam and Eve were at the garden of Eden. We are in a generation today which is so full of distractions that has so much eaten deep into our systems and make us to observe lying vanities everyday and forsake our sure mercies. We live in a generation ruled daily by different schemes of the devil to keep us away from the real plan of God and instead of being sensitive, we blame God. We have highly distracted people flooding our streets everyday and this is the number one trick the devil plays on an individual but we thank God for Christ who has delivered us from the dominion of darkness and has transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved son where there is forgiveness and redemption of sins

I pray that as you read this, every spell of distraction casted on you looses its hold in Jesus' name.

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