Some Truth

For a while after giving my life to Christ, I was okay with just some truth , I thought I knew everything about what God , who he is , who he has always been and who he will forever be and I continued that for a while with half truth and some truth and this led to what I will quasi freedom or part freedom because I thought of God as a part and not as whole and this is the very reason why we have alot of Christians suffering for nothing and a lot of us still struggling with some habits because all we have and know is some truth . 

“Those who KNOW their God shall be strong and exploits” a phrase we often confuse as “as long as you just believe there is God and you go to church we will be perfect” everything his tied to God . We can’t love others without knowing God , we can’t do anything without God , we can’t be strong without knowing God . Our strength comes from how much of God we know , the way we think and see depends on how much of God we know . There is absolutely no way we can be strong and do exploits if we don’t know God . Our stability and ability is determined by how much of God we know . Most of us are walking around with just half truth about God , just some truth and we think that is all there is to him and this is the very reason why we still struggle with some habits and mindset . 

Have had a lot of things going bad for me among the good ones and often times I ask myself why ? But one day God said to me “if you know me , if you have invested enough time in knowing me which is feeding on my word , you will quit worrying and believe that as long as you are in me and I in you , all things work together for how good. It is not enough that we know some truth and we are okay with some truth about God . The level of our productivity , emotional strength and mindset is informed by what we know about God and his ways .

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