Called To Business

Luke 12:13-34 tells so much about businesses, the wisdom of men in calculating profits sponsored by heaven and the evaluation of money before God. similarly, all through scriptures, God at various times interrupted the concept of money with heavenly principles and till date, He still shows forth new dimensions in business operations.

For me, I used to think a whole lot about starting up a business. I believed that money could come out of everything and anything so long you follow basic principles of money. I learnt better and in the hard way that as a believer, you should never compare your wealth or success in a business with an unbeliever. One reason for my belief was the fact that God was creative and that I should be creative in converting every situation into profit- true, but not. I learnt otherwise. God taught and made me learn that while He doesn’t want me to be greedy and love money, he still cares for me. At the time I learnt this, I had already run no less than six to seven businesses- some failed, others thrived partially, a few struggling to find foot. There was a bigger claim I had that God had called me to business and wealth creation… who says God hasn’t anyway?

When I discovered that I was only trying to do many things in my own way and that I had missed it all along, I began to unlearn many things about money, wealth creation and business. It was at this point that I fully understood God’s word that the Earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof. I began to first understand that God is not a poor father and so, we should not be poor either. However, this call remains tgat we learn from the rich old fool while we run our businesses and create wealth by the creative DNA of God in us. These lessons are not far-fetched. I have listed a few here.

Join the Christians in business and Entrepreneurship

1. A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. Be guarded against greed.

2. Be careful of self and understand seasons. While you remain profit oriented, be open to give out. The farmer learns what it is to store grain and to disperse it because there are seasons. So, if because of self needs, he chooses to store grain meant for disposal, he heaps coal on his head.

3. Learn that everything in your business is for God only before you. He owns all abd has only put little in your custody. 

4. Be rich towards God.

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