Unto New Grounds - Our Post COVID Testimony

The joy of being in a new phase always makes many people extremely excited. However, for some others, they become perhaps a little more worried, and others seem just ready to go.

One thing to note is that we always lay at a significant point of transition as we begin new phases in our lives. For everyone all over the world, experiencing this pandemic has not been easy and taking a new step in life is something to look forward to, but something that at the same time, requires determination and courage.

Each time you remember this transition to a new normal, you can decide to create a mental image and picture a vast, ocean with the waves which span from the shore and gradually fades into the horizon. Doing this, you will realize that this ocean is in fact very representative of the concept of learning which is limitless, ever-changing, challenging and fascinating.

Learning is the ability to tune our ears to the enchanting stories of peers, the undying interest in the news that circulates the world and the courage to look into and explore the "unknown". If learning is the ocean, then to learn, means to travel wide along its vast space, exploring every corner of it. If learning is a field, to learn is to cultivate; if learning is the air, to learn is to breathe to satisfaction.

We need to be reminded of the one cause that binds us together. Let us hold on to this cause strongly as we remain conscious in the dynamicism of our environment and adjust to her.

Let us always make prayers of a blessed experience of our time on earth, that in the end, we have no regrets.

Welcome to the new phase.

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