Can God Count on You?

One of the things that God will not do is to bypass the righteous and spiritually responsible believer. God's system of justice and righteousness will not allow him to bypass the responsible for divine assignment and divine communication.

When you see anyone who proves him or herself responsible before God over time, God cannot but give him/her more assignments and reveal his secrets to him/her. God will not go past that responsible father, the responsible church, the responsible Pastor, the responsible Brother because there is something beautiful about responsibility; it draws a man to God. If you want God to be committed to you, all you need to do is to be faithful to Him and live a life of responsibility before Him.

Among the sons of Jesse, it was the responsibility of David that drew God to him. He was responsible over the flock of sheep and was responsible to his father's assignment. Another worthy example of a responsible man that God will not bypass for divine communication is Abraham as we see in Genesis 18:16-19 where God himself attested to the responsible lifestyle of Abraham and so God was left with no alternative than to reveal his intentions to Abraham concerning Sodom and Gomorrah. Again, Abraham proved himself worthy by taking it upon himself to stand in the gap, pray and intercede for the city and Lot, his brother after God had declared his intention to destroy those cities.

But look at Eli, the high Priest, a man who was once a great honour and privilege before God, as a result of his irresponsibility over his Children suffered much loss. He not only lost the divine communication of God over his life that God bypassed him to speak to Samuel, a twelve year old boy concerning things to come, he also lost his two sons and heritage in Israel. The act of irresponsibility of Eli equally brought severe judgment of God over his generation. (1 Samuel 3:1-14).

How can I make God count on me? 

The Simple answer to this is by living a responsible life. All through scriptures, responsibility always draws responsibility. God will only give you what you can handle. Live your life in such a way that God can count on you. To every assignment that God has given o all of us, He has several others that can do it well. God has a replacement for all of us in case we fail. make up your mind, to live your life in such a way ha God will not have a replacement for you in that which he has committed into your hands. live your life in such a way that God can count on you all the time.

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