How to Seek God when He can be Found

God’s word in Isaiah 55:6 instructs the believer to seek the LORD and call upon Him. Of many other reasons, this is necessary because many times, we are in search of answers to various questions concerning life, our plans, God’s purpose for us, Jesus, salvation and faith among others. The more we search, the more we seek for and the more we search, the more we thirst for knowledge, wisdom, understanding and answers.

Seeking God

In the academic world, a subject problem is best solved when a student approaches the relevant textbook, resources, references or someone who understands the subject better. Also, scriptures in Proverbs 18:1 aptly explains that a man who isolates himself seeks his own desires and rages against all wise judgment. There is always a choice to hold on to yourself and refuse to ask for help. The devil always wants you to think that you can do it all by yourself, but no, you do not need to isolate yourself, just because you can't get the answer you seek - from God, directly through His direct word or through people whom He sends.

Don't be dismayed, God can! that is why he said that we should seek him diligently with all our heart.

You need answers to questions? then seek the lord, reading the word of God, praying to God for understanding through the help of the HOLY SPIRIT. In Daniel 10:2, Daniel seek the lord for three full weeks, without eating anything, food, wine, water, name it - just because he wanted to get answers from God. Daniel sort for God. yes! he sort for God. (Daniel 10:1 to the end)

While seeking God, you must first acknowledge the fact that you need to get understanding of Him and the situation at hand. This is where the desire and longing for God is expressed. The best way to desire and thirst for God is to humble yourself, and set in your heart for knowledge just as Daniel 10:12 says. There is also a need to  believe in God to give you all the answers you need without any doubt in your heart - James 1:5

There is also  need to get away with God [Luke 6:12]. This may be some form of physical isolation for few hours or days. It is necessary because you desire God's full attention and should not be distracted either. While doing this, ask for the help of the Holy Spirit and believe that God is not a man that he should lie, nor is He a son of man that he should repent. 

God is faithful, just and merciful and there are testimonies to this fact. There is definitely nothing hard for him to do. Seeking God is an answer we continually ask for and yet, God is ever near, receptive and ready to listen to us

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