My Life Before I met Jesus and how it is going


I was brought up in the church. In fact, my mom told me I was given birth to in Cherubim and seraphim church but I can remember as far back as four square gospel church then redeem Christian church of God . I attended Sunday schools , baptismal class and even got baptized at the age of 13 . At some point I sang in the choir. I loved and enjoyed the activities of church but I never really believed some guy died and was raised up for me. It was a story to me , a myth to me something that I didn't want to think so much about whether it is true or not. Let me point it out here that salvation is a mystery , a mystery that cannot be reasoned out but lays somewhere in you and you are sure of. You can't explain it but you are confident . 

The first time I met Jesus was actually in my third year in university. My grades were falling , I was suicidal , had a girlfriend , addicted to smoking, unstable , lacked focus. Someone talked about Jesus to me not religion but the compassionate, tender , sweet Jesus . It got to me , I was surprised Jesus cared for me . I lost focus and was rebellious because I thought I was all alone and I never believed in him to start with . It was beautiful, it was emotional then from that time the journey started and I can tell that there is no one as merciful and kind and loving as Jesus 

My life before I met Jesus was full of total darkness, hopelessness and confusion. No light and empty. Of course there couldn't be light because Jesus is the light. I would try to fill the vacuum with activities like partying , smoking and girls but I always ended up empty until I met Jesus. There was hopelessness, in the sense that I had no promise of eternal life and home until Jesus came and gave me that and much more gave me the Holy Spirit to help me as I journey. 

How is it going now ? , it is a walk I sure do enjoy , i am learning and he is working in me with the holyspirit to help me become more like him in all I do . I call him my big brother . there is still so much depth and so many dynamics to encounter and I believe as you share this with someone , they will be led to make a decision to give their life to him . So far I have learnt what it means to make him my lord and I am still learning 

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