The Battle of God's Will Versus Your Dreams

Literally, God never created you to live life just as you want to. Man was not designed to live his dreams but to work in order with God's will. But then, your dreams still remain the seedlings of reality and God gave us rights over individual decisions that affect what becomes of a man.

The Battle of God's will versus your Dreams - The New Man

This is why no matter how well you are doing for yourself outside God's will, there is still so much perfection, peace and satisfaction in doing God's will.

The will of God for man is perfect, complete and fulfilling in every sense. In Jeremiah 29:11, God confirms His will and thoughts for man to be of good. He also reveals that His will promises a certain future and gives hope for fulfillment.

You might be favoured to find out that your  dreams are in line with God's will. The peak of discovery is what births accomplishment

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