Recognizing Satan’s Reality

To gain a total win against the devil and his devices, it is necessary to confront him from the standpoint of your authority and victory in Christ. By revelation of the right and authority you have as a child of God, you also understand the devil's reality. At this point, you have total victory.

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According to John 10:10, the devil (who is referred to as the thief) always seeks to steal, kill and destroy everything good created by God.

Gaining total victory over the devil and his devices is a matter of understanding. When you fully understand your reality in Christ and you understand the devil's, you are assured of your strength in God. This is similar to David's experience at the point of battle with Goliath of the Philistines. Goliath had mocked the God of Israel without any knowledge of His strength and capacity. On the other hand, when David arrived the scene, he took cover in the strength of God and placed pressure on God's integrity because he understood that Goliath's reality was of the uncircumcised. Let's now take a summary on how to understand the devil's reality and fight him from the higher place of our authority in Christ.

How to Understand the Devil's Reality

1. Understand your own reality.

Let's see this illustration. 

Imagine an orphaned boy who has lived his life without parents and the hope of anything good. Then suddenly someday, the president of the country comes in contact with him and affirms that the young boy is the president's offspring and that there is a DNA test that accurately proves it. Immediately, there is an activation of knowledge. The young boy may take some time to adjust to the new life, but then he would do that with proper understanding. He takes on the total privilege of son-ship immediately.

This is practically how it works in God's kingdom. The believer in Christ must have a personal and working knowledge of who he is, the rights, authorities and privileges that accrue to him as a child of God. God's word in John 1:12 aptly puts it that to them that believe, He gave power (right, authority, ability and privilege) to be called the sons of God. We are also assured of our son-ship in Romans 8:15. A believer in Christ is not a bastard!


2. Stay Alert Always. 

The devil will always come around for you. You do not need to live your life as though the devil has rested over your soul. He is bent on winning as many souls as possible to hell just as believers are on a mission to depopulating hell by winning souls for Christ. The devil's strategy is to let his captives remain in bondage while he seeks more captives to join them. As such, you should have a standby spiritual alarm against the devil's devices by proper discernment and walking in the spirit always.

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