Forgiveness Flows Freely

Forgiveness Flows Freely with God

Far from a piece of beautiful alliteration, the phrase "Forgiveness flows freely" is a reality for the believer in Christ. 

When you run to God after a sin, take responsibility for your actions. The act of taking responsibility is enough reason to put the blood of Jesus to action and cause a cleansing. The resultant effect is that you remain attached to the father.

God knows your flesh is weak already. You have to be vulnerable to Him by taking responsibility. This is one reason why forgiveness flows freely here.

When you plead guilty in the court of man, you are convicted and condemned as charged without further trial. However in the court of God, when you plead guilty, you are discharged and acquitted immediately without further trial. The Bible aptly says this in Proverbs 28:13 that He that covers his sins shall not prosper, but he that forsakes them shall have mercy. This gives so much potency to the power of confessions because we know that when we confess our sins, there is abundant grace to forgive.

Forgiveness and Loving the Prodigal

In Luke 15, the prodigal son only understood the value and weight of forgiveness at the point when he returned home. His strength could no longer accommodate his excesses because he underestimated the fact that his father loved him. This is the same way it is for believers today. Many people underestimate God's love for them and so they do not have the courage to go before him when they commit a wrong. Many times we just get to say God loves me because everyone else says it too. This is not the life. At that point when we understand and have experienced the true love of God, then, we can confidently say He loves us. If you are asked about how you can confirm that you are loved of God, your only reason should not be that God sent His son to die for your sins on the cross of Calvary. There should be much more - a tangible encounter with His love.

There is something called the spirit of the prodigal. It is the character that leads sons to doom and damnation

Characteristics of a Prodigal

  • The prodigal has no value or sense of value.
  • There is an appreciation famine (Luke 7:44)
  • Wastage tendencies (John 6:12)
  • They have no storage or backup (Genesis 41:3)
  • They always need supervision
  • Following vain persons and vain imaginations

Another thing to note about the life of the prodigal son is the fact that he did not get into trouble until he left his father's house. This perfectly explains that the farther you move away from God, the more trouble you fall into. From the prodigal son's story, the son had left his father's house before he discovered how much harm that could cause him. But well, he had suffered just so much before he returned to his father.

Sadly, this is the same thing for many Christians. At the point when we leave God and walk away, little do we know that we would still come back to meet Him. And the best of all things with God is that God is always waiting for your return.

This is also the message for unbelievers. All men fell with the first Adam and this equates that we all were far from God. Coming back to Him is practically the only solution out of everything else that comes our way.

Pray that your love for God will be strengthened by the minute such that if anything comes and it's willing to take you away from Him, you will remain glued at all times, stuck to God!

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