Biography of Pastor Harrison Ayintete

Born on March 2nd, 1990, Pastor Harrison Ayintete is a 
husband, father and the Lead Pastor of The Refinery Church International and Provost of the Refined Academy. He is a gospel Rap artist and author.
Pastor Harrison is a graduate of Animal Production and Health from the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA), Reverend Harrison Ayintete is a proven Bible scholar and a firm believer in Christ-centered messages embellished with active faith in all physical endeavours, and a strong teacher of God's goodness and His eternal salvation.
Since its establishment on 12th February, 2012, the Refinery Church International has grown into branches across Lagos, Ondo and Oyo states in South-West, Nigeria, with its headquarters in Akure, Ondo State. The church also has branches in the Uk and US.

Pastor Harrison is also a Healing minister who ministers healing both physically and via the phone platform, called  "The Healing Line" and there are public miracles that abound from this; through him healing of HIV, COVID-19, Kidney failure, bone problems, deafness, ulcer, fibroid etc has been recorded.

Revd Harrison Ayintete is a strong Bible apologist. In 2017, he publicly debated the subject of tithes on Sahara Reporters, a public debate you can watch on Youtube. Today, he believes firmly in giving to the Gospel. He strongly believes the gospel is the biggest project on earth and deserves the highest financial partnership via tithes, offerings, first fruits, partnerships etc. However, none must be given with curses attached as done under the old testament.

Pastor Harrison Ayintete is also the Principal of the Refined Academy, a spiritual, theological and scholastic institution under the auspices of the Refinnery Church.

He believes God rewards the giver and loves a cheerful giver. He is happily married to his heartthrob, Pastor May Ayintete. They got married on 21st May, 2016 and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Eden Ayintete.

Pastor Harrison Ayintete is also an author. His recent book titled, "A Decade Lesssons" is a rich book that shares sincere experiences and truth. In a relatable manner, Pastor Harrison shares his recommendation for ministers and individuals who are pioneering ministry work or are in the process. 

Sermons/Messages by Reverend Harrison Ayintete

A few Sermons by Reverend Harrison Ayintete (at the point of compiling this article) are listed below. You can access these messages via the ministry's official website

  • Eternal Salvation - A series that addresses the significance of Jesus' death, and God's predestination for man before the foundation of the world which is eternal life in Christ to all who believe.
  • What God has joined together - A message on scriptural roles and responsibilities among couples for the purpose of building a godly home.
  • God's Surgeon - A teaching about your calling and office in the body of Christ
  • Back to Basics - A teaching on what it means to be born again and our responsibilities as believers
  • The Divine Life - A powerful sermon on the divine life of believers
  • Lambano - A series on how to receive God's provisions by praying effectively
  • Divine Health - A teaching on strengthened faith for healing
  • Understanding Priesthood - A detailed teaching on priesthood and the priestly work of our High Priest
  • Left Behind - A simple yet classic exposition on eschatology
  • Furtherance - A message on furthering the gospel despite adversary
  • No Leave of Absence - A timely message on our unchanging realities and responsibilities in Christ
  • Pathways Through Hell - A message on how to thrive and abound through all adversities via God's goodness, power and love.
  • 666 - A wholistic teaching on the end of the world, the signs of the end times and the role of believers in this
  • As-Salamu Alaykum - A classic on the Gospel of Peace
  • Ajala travels - An explicit message on God's divine purpose for all men, the difference between our ambitions, humanism and divine purpose
  • We are Celestials - A powerful, life altering exposition on our celestial dimension
  • Prayermatics - An exposition on how to pray effectively
  • Famine Farmers - A message on God's constancy despite earthly instabilities
Pastor Harrison Ayintete is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and X

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  1. Reverend Harrison Ayintete is a proven Bible scholar and healing minister. I’m blessed to be under his ministry! 🔥🔥🔥


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