Living a Life of Power

Life is lived by power and the best source of this power is God. Sadly, many people have left the corridors of power and are strangers in the command of spiritual power.

To obtain power from God, you have to be closer to the seat of power. If there's a burning fire in front of you and you do not move close to it, you won't be warm. This is how it is with power. If you do not move closer to the seat of power (where God sits), you cannot taste of it.

Living by Power

God is always available. He is the constant factor in all cases. Man on the other hand is very mobile, seeking for true pleasure and satisfaction for his desires in places where they do not exist. Man in this search, can be desperate for power and choose just any means to get it. Today, there are different forms of power ranging from economic or monetary power, political power, academic power, spiritual power and much more. One unique feature of all these forms of power is the fact that whosoever is the custodian of this power is superior to everyone else.

There is a popular saying that the spiritual controls the physical. This is practically true. All the other forms of power too are totally subject to spiritual power. Now, spiritual power can be gotten through two ways - positive (through your authority in Christ and God) or negative (through sacrifices and worship to graven images and small gods). 

As a believer, the power of God is necessary to help you live in life. There is a full and special package embedded in your control and access to this power. The power of God which helps us live comes through the Holy Spirit living in a believer. The Bible says you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you (paraphrased). Scriptures also support saying you have not been given the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

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