Biography of Minister Gift Ugochi Christopher (GUC)

Minister Gift Ugochi Christopher, popularly known by his stage name - GUC is one of the finest gospel music ministers in Nigeria, from Port-Harcourt. In 2019, he landed a record deal with EeZee Conceptz, the same music label with Minister Judith Kanayo (Judikay), and Chidinma Ekile amongst others.

Full Biography of Minister Gift Ugochi Christopher (GUC)

Minister GUC was born on October 8th in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state. He hails from Emohua LGA, Port-Harcourt, a local government area in Rivers State, Nigeria. He is a graduate of the University of Port-Harcourt which he enrolled in 2013 and speaks Ikwerre Igbo fluently.

GUC is happily married to his heartthrob, Mrs. Nkpoikana Ntuk (Nene Ntuk), his long-time fiancee. They got married on 6th March 2021 at Lemaco Halls and Garden, Plot 24/26 Ada George Road in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. 

Minister GUC is a multi-genre gospel music minister based in Port-Harcourt but has crossed its borders spreading the life-transforming gospel through music. Gift Ugochi Christopher’s ministry started in Port-Harcourt. He began his gospel music ministry alongside his friends – Baruch Okeoghene and Emma Wele Samuel, to mention but a few. Minister GUC’s ministry can be likened to that of Pastor Gomba Lawrence Oyor and it is focused on revival, he adds a spice of Nigerian native pidgin English to bring it home. He has ministered in major gospel events all over the states in Nigeria. He ministered in “Excel season ‘8 and ‘9 ” (a gospel event organized by Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, first aba parish (PYPAN). GUC has also ministered in Synod of Worship ’19 – cross heart ministries. He has also ministered at Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Christ Embassy, and Christ Gospel Mission International.
Gift Ugochi Christopher (GUC) runs an online forum for young music ministers on telegram, where he shares tips from his experience in the field. 2019 was his year of major upliftment as he landed a record deal with EeZee Conceptz, a record label owned by Ezekiel Thankgod. On landing the deal, he was given a car by CEO of the EeZee Conceptz – Ezekiel Thankgod.

In 2020, he was nominated for an award in the upcoming Maranatha Awards USA Awards. His most popular song after “Desperate” is “All that matters”, which was streamed more than a million times in all music streaming platforms globally. Also, GUC’s “all that matters” has become a favorite song in many churches in Nigeria and beyond.
GUC has released a series of gospel singles which many Christians testified to be divine. His hit single, All that matters, has more than 9 million streams on YouTube alone, making it one of his successful tracks. Songs by GUC include:
  • Desperate
  • Emi Mimo
  • Alabo
  • Thank you
  • The Promise
  • You know
  • Truth
  • Precious
  • All that matters
  • Popsi
  • The Call (Chant) - 13th September, 2023
As a Gospel music minister, GUC has credited his ministry inspiration first to God and then to patriarchs in Christendom. One specific reference is to Pastor David Ogbueli who God used mightily to stir up the hunger for revival in his spirit while he was an undergraduate in the university. 

Minister GUC came into the limelight with his soul-lifting song “Desperate” and has recorded achievements with the release of the video. 

Minister GUC is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and X. You can also follow his ministry songs and musical releases via his official YouTube channel here.

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