Understanding Leadership and Service

There are critical roles to play in every team and being a leader is just one of them. However, there is so much spotlight on who the leader is because of the weight that position carries. Many people are unfit to be leaders because they just do not possess all the extraordinary qualities that will make a perfect and complete leader.

Understanding Leadership and Service

A leader has EVERY quality of a follower and other members. He is a round peg that fits in a round hole every time.

1. You don't always have to be at the frontline to be a leader. 
You can lead from anywhere. Shining light in the darkest corners is what qualifies you for leadership. At the same time, a leader is a supporter. This is why he can sit in one corner and support other members of the team in steering the wheels of progress. A good example of this character in the Bible is Aaron. Before you talk about how himself and Miriam tried to contend against Moses, many people do not know that Aaron was three years older than Moses but then he served beside Moses for years and earned a place in history without seeking the front seat. He wasn’t the one with the vision. He only ran with it, supporting Moses all the way.


2. A Leader is your cover.
In any case where someone is incapable, the leader comes in as a support system. In most cases, he can almost fit into any position for the success of the team to be achieved.


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