Can These Bones Live?

If you think your life is so disorganised, messed up or scattered, then you should visit Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones and ask how it was with him. He was far confused than you are, wondering how lifeless bones could come alive according to the word of the Lord. Until Ezekiel spoke the word of God as commanded, there was no movement. However, as soon as he did, there was a noise, a shaking and the bones moved and came alive. And flesh fell upon them, causing them to live.

Every believer in Christ holds the word of God to heart. God's word is prophecy and that is the key to command things to be. You have the keys to the heavenly prophetic room where you can seize the atmosphere and command every disorganisation or dead thing in your life to come alive. Our dominion in Christ is not child's play - it is meant ro be exercised in all power.

How do we change situations through Prophecy?

1. Speak the Prophecy Always.

A prophetic word may look or sound stupid when it drops to heart. Generally, the wisdom of God looks like foolishness to men. This is similar in the case of prophecies. However, to hit the jackpot and see positive results, you must speak the prophetic word and confess its reality in your life. Even when things do not look like it, that is a pointer that you have to keep speaking God's word in prophecy over the situation.

2. Act in Faith

When a word of prophecy comes forth, faith is necessary to fulfil it. Many people complain that they got a prophecy from God (directly or through a prophet or another believer) and yet it did not come to fulfilment. In many cases, this happens because the required faith to back it up was absent. For instance, if a prophecy comes saying that God is preparing you for immense wealth, you should not sit down lazy withput working towards it. Instead, you should act in faith and work towards the fulfilment of that prophecy in due season.

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  1. Thanks a bunch.
    We are helped to keep speaking His word of prophecy over every situation and to act in Faith. Amen

  2. Thanks for sharing this, God bless.


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