A Complete Guide to Starting a Christian Gospel Blog in 2023

Starting a Christian blog in Nigeria just like every part of the world is one sure way to share God’s word online. Christian and Gospel Blogging is a ministry in itself as it presents a veritable platform to reach out to millions with the gospel of Christ. Scriptures in Proverbs 18:16 says that a man’s gift shall make a way for him, and bring him before great men. In that light, blogging is not just a medium for the fun of it or a money making enterprise, it is also a full time ministry. 

A Complete Guide to Starting a Christian Gospel Blog in 2022

The blogging scene has developed greatly in the last decade and today, there are many Christian bloggers in Nigeria. This is because, apart from the purpose of blogging, there are also many benefits from blogging. There are many bloggers across different niche, including Christian Gospel blogging. That is why this article is meant for Christians around the world, particularly in Nigeria, who may be led into ministry through blogging. It is true that many people primarily subscribe to being a blogger for the monetary gain. That’s okay, but then the purpose of blogging as a ministry remains defeated if your focus and major drive is money. Whether your passion is to pray or share God's word, blogging gives you the opportunity to display your gifts or passion in a more powerful way. We are approaching a deep spiritual revival and Christian bloggers in Nigeria need to spread the gospel of God. This is the greatest key of gaining the heart of the Holy Spirit. And once the Lord is behind you, it is progress and prosperity ever. 
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That said, here are my recommended tips to help you start a gospel, faith or christian based blog in Nigeria.


How to start a Christian Blog

Many times, I have discovered that your decision to start a Christian blog is not enough reason for you to go into Christian Blogging. You must gain involves several steps and layers of thinking.  Typically, before starting a Christian blog, you must ensure you have a calling to reach the world via writing. Here is how to start a Christian blog: 

1. Be Convinced and Get God's Leading

At the Blogging Hub, one question I ask Christian bloggers who join in as members is whether or not they received a conviction from God to start their blogs. Many times, these bloggers mention that they were convinced and led by God, but sadly it is not evident in their blogs - these people end up chasing after blog monetisation, and many other vain things that come with blogging without seeking first God's kingdom and working to bring men to Christ. While it is not a bad idea to earn from your blog as a Christian, I believe that if you are truly convinced by God to start a blog, you should put in more effort to remain connected to God even as you proceed. Once God encourages you to start a Christian blog, you must understand that your blog cannot succeed without Him. 

Like the basic work of ministry, Gospel Blogging is spiritual. You do not wake up one morning and decide to embark on a journey to create Gospel content without God's backing. Through Gospel Blogging, you have access to the hearts of hundreds, thousands and millions who will engage your content. Pray very well for God to show you how your Christian blog should go. 


2. Develop Passion

It is very difficult to find fulfillment of purpose in a path you never liked. You may not love Gospel blogging but since you have prayed about it and sense God's call and leading into it, you definitely have to develop a passion for it. The best way to do this is to find the passion for souls as the only agenda for God's instruction to us to preach the Gospel of Christ. Passionate Christian bloggers are ready to do the best they can to promote the works of the Lord (Matthew 28). In this case, when you become hungry to bless others (with your gifts, talents, skills,) in any way, you definitely have found your passion for blogging. If you have good voice in singing for instance, putting them in a blog can be powerful and effective. When you have a good flair for writing, composing them on a blog will make a meaningful impact . Passion will chase off laziness and procrastination. When you take blogging as a platform to reach out to lost souls, your total focus will be how to make sure you meet their spiritual demands.

3. Pick a Niche

Gospel Blogging is a niche in itself. However, it is wide and I advise that you know exactly what you want to blog about. This is why we have sub-niches in the blogosphere today. If you love to teach, starting a blog can provide the opportunity to educate others about God’s word. The best part is that, as you build resources on your blog to teach others, you may not realize how many people from different nations are reading your teachings and picking important lessons from it.

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4. Choose a Blogging Platform

On the internet today, there are many blogging platforms and content management systems. You can start up a Christian blog for free using Blogger owned by Google. Although there are limitations (especially if you don't know how to write some codes), it is a good place to start. You may also consider blogging using WordPress, Medium, Substack or Wix among others. Hopefully in the future, I will write an article about the different blogging platforms you can use to start your Christian blog. 

5. Purchase a Domain Name and Hosting

After choosing and signing up on your preferred blogging platform, you then begin to setup by buying your blog hosting and domain name. For most platforms, you do not need to purchase a domain name and hosting service. However, I advise that you put in some money to buy your domain name and hosting for your blog. In the words of Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak, the name of Jesus is so heavy that it requires resources (money included) to lift it up. As Christians, we are created to be excellent in all we do and since we are not mediocre, an upgrade to your blog with a good domain name and hosting speaks well for the propagation of the gospel. Also, having a blog with a domain name and hosting shows that you are a serious blogger and gives you good rating among other bloggers. If you are using a Blogger platform,


6. Design, Customise and Launch your blog

After buying your domain name and hosting, you simply need to design, customise and lauch your blog to the general public.


7. Develop a Content Structure

Next up is to develop a content structure around your niche. The more you write quality contents, the better you become at it. You should also learn how SEO works or how to do keyword research. You must have the passion for writing quality posts and must write in line with the purpose or mission of your blog. You must be able to work almost 24 hours every day. You must be hardworking, flexible and focus. You must be original, unique and trusted. You should be willing to engage in productive Bible research. Being a good Christian writer is not a prerequisite for a successful blog. But what matter most is your passion. What you put together from your blog posts are tools to encourage others and make you great person in your niche tomorrow. By showcasing your passion, it will gain more exposure to great people including pastors that will have no means than to support or invite you in their church for presentation. Surprise? This is a golden opportunity! Wpbeginner has resources to make you start blogging in a simple way. As the internet ingrained in our day-to-day lives, the benefits of blogging or building a Christian website in Nigeria or elsewhere become impossible to ignore. However, unlike in the early days, Christian bloggers don’t need to have a degree in computer science or a being a WordPress developer before they can do something to the world. If you’re unsure of whether Christian blogging is right for you or not, considering your Christian way of life, pray and let God direct you on the path of your career. Do not be like my friend that blog for 5 years in a news niche only to hear God’s call to be a Christian blogger.
How can you find your Christian blog topics after you have chosen a blog niche? It sounds like a big question, isn’t it? It is but here I will share four ways you can get your Christian blogging topics once you have chosen the spiritual niche to focus on.
  • Quora: You can use quora to find Christian blogging topics for 2020. All you need to do is to visit the website, look for questions Christians are asking, curate and create content around them and publish.
  • Google keyword planner:  If you have a Google account, head over to the Google keyword planner and type phrases related to your Christian blogging niche. Different keywords or related phrases will pop up once you type a word into the keyword planner. Collect these phrases especially when they have a high search volume and write a post about them in your Christian blog depending on your needs.
  • Question your Audience:  You can get Christian blog topic ideas from comments or questions asked by your readers!
  • SEO Research: This is the best way to get blog post ideas and topics for your Christian blog. SEO Keyword research for Christian Bloggers help you write articles that directly answer the questions your audience search for on Google.


7. Start Publishing

Now that you have done all the above, you simply need to start publishing your articles on the blog.

Why Set up Christian Blog?

For many, starting a Christian blog is an opportunity to showcase their writing skills. Others see it as beyond writing and is an avenue for them to reach out with the Gospel of Christ to others. For you, it could be a means to journal your life struggles or journey as a Christian. Whatever reason it is for you, starting a Christian blog as earlier noted is a veritable tool to reach out to nations of the world.

That said, it is important to pick a niche or area of focus before starting a Christian blog. This is because, at the start of the Christian blogging journey, it is not advisable to generally blog about everything in Christianity. When we launched this blog in 2021, our major focus was on Christian lifestyle, Poetry, Stories and spiritual articles. We later shifted to biographies, Christian journalism and Church news. Although things are coming into shape now, I must mention that at the start of the blogging journey, every Christian blogger is still inexperienced, and blogging about the general Christian life is cumbersome. It will likely wear you out and if you are not careful, a general Christian blog may confuse your audience, making it impossible for them to understand what your blog is all about.

I understand also that many young or upcoming Christian bloggers find it difficult to pin a particular niche or area of Focus when starting out. You have different Passions there are many ideas running in your head and you just want the world to know what you are thinking about. This is fine, however, I will advise and encourage anyone that wants to start a Christian blog to have a niche. If you’re finding it difficult or hard to pick a niche, simply go to God in prayer and mention His convictions which He gave you about the Christian blog. Tell Him that you don’t know which area to focus on and since it is His work you are set out to do, He will tell you what niche to focus on.

At other times, you might basically want to share your own experience or blog about where you are deeply experienced. For instance, a Christian accountant can decide to start sharing tips on Christian finance. A young Christian athlete or sportsman may open up a blog to encourage fellow Christian athletes. Also, a Christian mum with children could open up a blog to talk about raising children in a Christian or godly way. The list of Christian blogs is endless and the beauty of it all is that you can combine two or three related areas and pay attention to them as a Christian blogger in Nigeria.

Profitable Christian Blogging Niches in 2022

To start a profitable Christian blog, you must make adequate research about the most popular Christian blog topics. From my findings as at 2022, here is a list some of the most popular areas of focus as seen below

1. Christian Dating/Relationship

In November 2018, I started a relationship blog with my partner and it had grown reasonably over the years. It came up as a part of our ministry, Two Become One, a community of Christian singles and couples who are journeying with God until Two finally becomes one. This means that I have some authority to talk about the Christian Dating and Relationship niche. Christian dating or relationship niche is one of the most sought-after blogging areas.  There are millions of Christians scattered around the world that want to have a godly relationship and are looking for the right advice on the internet. If you start a Christian dating or relationship blog, you will be giving advice on areas such as relationship tips; sexual purity; managing emotions; dealing with peer pressure, to name a few.  Although it is important that you have a background in counseling or you are a relationship expert, if you are led to start your Christian blogging journey in the dating or relationship niche, you can never go wrong because there are millions of Christians in need of godly advice to take their relationship to the next level; that is where you come in

2. Christian News blog

A Christian news blog is basically where you can share news about events and many others on Christianity. This however requires that you post news and stories every other day. If you have a background in journalism or the media, it might be a good Christian blogging niche to pitch your tent. One disadvantage with this is that you really need to heavily rely on social media to bring visitors to your website. Also, news gets stale so it may not be a good source of evergreen content.

3. Christian/Gospel Music Niche

To launch your Christian blog, you can consider is music or gospel songs. Thousands of people search for lyrics to gospel songs and want a recommendation of the best gospel songs they can use while working out, exercising, and even when they have difficulties in life. You can do a post detailing some interesting songs that believers could listen to stay on their feet when they are weary and their faith is shaking. A Christian music blogger could also go historical by writing biographies of gospel artistes and the impact their songs made in Christendom.

4. Christian Evangelism

Evangelism is the act of taking the gospel to the people wherever they are and that includes the internet. According to Internet Live Stats, over 4.9 billion people use the Internet daily with about 4.5 active social media users. This makes the internet a fertile ground for evangelism. As a Christian blogging niche, the evangelism area is basically set up to draw people to God. Here, you can share salvation messages; you can tell about the great works of missionaries scattered all over the world trying to win souls for Christ. Although every Christian blog should be a tool of evangelism, the core focus of an evangelism blog is to go deeper than the usual Christian blog

5. Daily Christian Living

Every day, Christians face issues in their life and a daily Christian living blogging is one that offers practical examples of how a Believer can live successfully in the world; tell people about how to manage their time; how to have a work-life balance, and generally how to live out the Christian life on a daily basis; you will have to be vulnerable and at some point and share your own stories and struggles in certain areas of life. You can even talk about addictions and how to break free from then that can even be another Christian blogging niche entirely but let’s leave it at that here!

6. Youths/Teenagers Blog

Youth is riddled with many issues and temptations and is a period where young people are finding themselves. So, if you are called into the youth ministry, starting off a youth or teenage blog is a good way to draw these young people to God, share with them how they can overcome peer pressure; how to excel in their academics and fight off; the many challenges of youth and being a teenager in an ever-changing world!

7. Children Blog

The Bible says that children are a heritage of the Lord. A veritable Christian blogging niche is one centered around children.  If you are a children teacher in your church, it could be that God is calling you to start up a blog in this niche. There are many children on the internet and even their parents could find useful tips on how they can groom these young ones to become better youths and ultimately adults!

8. Christian/Godly Parenting

All through scriptures, there were different mentions of poor parenting cases, especially in the life of Eli and Samuel and this makes it an issue you may want to address. The Christian parenting blog is similar to the children’s blog. However, for parents, you could use this as a platform to share your stories generally on parenting and raising children in a godly way. From my SEO Research, the Christian parenting blog is one of the most profitable blogging niches you can find around.

9. Christian Daily Devotion Blog

You can start a daily Christian devotional blog if you have been convinced to do so. Post devotionals daily and it could be the Open Heavens or Daily Manna on the net if you can do it. The disadvantage of this too is that you will need to rely heavily on Social media traffic until you build reputation just like the Christian News Blog. Also, devotionals cannot be repeated as they are tagged by dates so there are little or no chances that your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts will yield.

10. Bible Study Blog

Another Christian blog niche you can focus on is Bible Study; if you have a calling to teach and share the world, a Bible study blog is a really great idea.


How Do Christian Bloggers Make Money?

Money is not the root of all evil as many people have misquoted scriptures. According to 1st Timothy 6:10, it is the love for money that becomes the root of evil. Many Christian bloggers fear to monetise their blogs and most times say that they are under specific instructions from God to leave out monetisation. While it is true that God can speak to you to do that, it is necessary to know that God demands a level of trust and faith in Him for your blog to efficiently produce results and bring souls to the kingdom. This means that if God has truly asked you to leave monetisation on your blog, then He definitely has an alternative to sustain the blog, pay the writers, grow your reach as well as renew your domain and hosting fee yearly. In this  case, you must trust God wholeheartedly to receive His promises for your blog. 

At the same time, you should never feel guilty as a Christian blogger who wants to make money off your passion.  As far as your heart's motives and intents are pure, monetising your Christian blog does not mean that you are monetising the gospel. As recorded in Proverbs 16:2, your motive must be pure because it is only then that it is not a bad idea for a Christian blogger to make money. 

God knows that you have to pay for hosting and all other expenses. He also has good thoughts towards you as recorded in Jeremiah 29:11. However, making money from a Christian blog should never override the main reason for setting up a Christian Spiritual blog which is to reach out to the world with the Gospel of Christ. That said, there are several ways a Christian blogger can make money and build a profitable venture in furtherance of the kingdom of God. Let's examine a few here:

1. Affiliate marketing

There are several affiliate marketing programs a Christian blogger can hop into to make money while sharing the word of God. These affiliate marketing programs for Christian bloggers pay a certain percentage of commission to those in their affiliate programs. You have the Amazon affiliate program and a host of others.  In fact, many websites hosting companies have affiliate programs. So, you don’t need to go far to get an affiliate or program to join.

2. Google Adsense

Google Adsense has over time, proven to be one of the quickest ways to monetize a blog. The Christian blogger can make money and profit by AdSense because it is one of the easiest ways to monetize a Christian blog. Once you have original content, create your about page; your policy page and have  a good number of such content, you can apply and get Google Adsense approved without many issues

3. Product Sales

As a Christian blogger, you can also make money or monetize your blog by selling products, services or even courses. You can sell branded or customized products, books, and many others!

4. Ad Space Sales

Custom ads are another way a Christian blogger can make money. Being that a Christian blog is highly targeted at believers, Christian organizations or can reach out to you customized adverts.

5.  Sponsored Posts

A Christian blogger can also be paid for a sponsored post which could be from individuals; another blogger, an organization or just any other person.

The list is endless but the idea is that a Christian blogger should be able to make money except as a matter of policy that you don’t want to monetize your blog. It is not unbiblical to profit from your skills and passion



One thing about blogging in general is the fact that you learn on the go. You can never really learn everything about blogging before you set out. Like I mentioned earlier, engaging in Gospel Blogging is much more than you can imagine. This blog has existed since 2017 (you can read about us here and check out our statistics page too) and it is fair to say we have tangible experience as regards running a blog. This article will have subsequent ones in the Christian Blogger Series, but before then, I really hope to see you launch your blog soon. Let us know if you have any difficulties in the process by reaching out to us here.
Now, if you have learned from this post about starting a Christian blog or ministry website, kindly share it with others! Or how can the gospel reach the ends of the earth if you don't share?

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