What Christian Living Entails

Being a Christian is a lifestyle and not just a mere word. Many people tend to call themselves Christians, but act in ways that are contrary to its meaning.

Living a Christ like life is one criteria that qualifies us to be truly called Christians. This Jesus-like way of life can be seen in the life of the disciples of Jesus. They were first called Christians at Antioch according to Acts 11:13. This is not because they were considered as Jesus’ follower while He was still on earth but because of the way they lived their lives even after His ascension.

What Christian Living Entails

For instance, it is common knowledge that to be able to live a healthy life free from all forms of diseases and illnesses, it is necessary to keep the environment clean and be intentional about our personal hygiene. It also includes taking into cognisance what we eat, which would in every way tell on our health or the ability of one's body system to function as it ought too.

This is also applicable in our walk with God. We need to consider and put into action some important attributes that will help us grow and live a healthy Christian life.

It goes without doubt that God is the author of all things and we must note that for Him to be able to recognize us as true heirs of His kingdom, we must first be willing and ready at all times to choose Him and follow His will for us always (1corinthians9:24-26). Pleasing Him also means showing love to our neighbors, always ready to help others who are in need and helping them fulfill their eternal destiny, for it is his will that all men should be saved [1Timothy2vs4]. Our love for Him must be greater than anything here on earth, not allowing the world and the things there in to control us, but allowing rather the will of the Father to reign and guide us through life [1John2 vs15-17]. As much as we can be so preoccupied in loving our earthly partners, so are we meant to be preoccupied with loving God and pleasing Him.

Amos 5vs4 says ’for thus saith the LORD unto the house of Israel, Seek ye me, and ye shall live’. In Christ alone can we find life. Jesus described Himself in [John4vs6] as’ the way the truth and the life..’ There is nothing that we seek to have that we can’t get in Christ. His desire is for us to know him, to walk with Him, to pursue Him, and by so doing, He would be able to reveal Himself unto us and those things that we seem confused about would become clearer as we seek Him. We need to understand that there is no life outside of Christ, and for us to be able to live our life the way He wants us too, we must be ready to seek Him to Find Him (Jeremiah29:13).

As believers, we must know that the devil is always out seeking for whom to devour (1st Peter5:8). His aim is to kill, to steal and to destroy (John 10:10). This is one reason why  Christians shouldn’t be relentless, but be ready to fight and stand against the fury darts of the enemy. Whenever the devil comes with his lies, we must be able as believers to fight back using the weapon of the word of God (2nd Corinthians 10:4-5). Sometimes as believers, it can be hard to walk in faith, believing the truth in God’s word, but I put it to you, it’s safe to believe the truth in God’s word than believe the devil for he’s the father of all lies (John 8:44) because all he brings with him is more confusion.

Also, as believers it’s required of us to Fear God (Ecclesiastes 1:13) not man. When we fear God, we would be able to walk more in his ways and pay less attention to what people thinks of us (Proverbs 19:23). Living our life in the light of eternity would help keep us from sin and evil, the fear of God helps to keep us in check. When we do not Fear Him, by living contrary to his commandments, we tend to go astray, and without accountability to God our lives would always be a prey to the devil. For the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10), it helps guide us through life and to make the right decision in difficult situations.

In conclusion, we must not fail to understand that being a Christian does not mean we wouldn’t be face with trials and tribulations, but God’s word says, we should rejoice because He has overcome them for us (John 16:33.) God brings comfort in pain, and once we learn to run to him, through worship, prayer and the studying of His word, He turns our pain and sufferings to yield greater fruitfulness to us and also to himself.


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