Before the Throne of God

A throne is a ceremonial chair occupied by a sovereign ruler, king or person in power. In this case, the throne of God is the reigning centre of God. The throne is a symbol of respect and royalty (Genesis 41:40). With or without the presence of a king, the throne must be sacred, honoured and respected. How much more should the throne of God be revered?

The throne of God is not empty or awaiting a king to sit and to rule. Rather, there is One who sits on it,has always and is ruling, and will continue to always rule!(Unlike the Earthly Throne which is being occupied on by terms). The throne of God is not where we just walk in majestically,We bow down to his throne as we enter and cast ourselves down at his feet and cry Holy holy...

There is a Rainbow that encompasses the throne. Its appearance once again “like” emerald. We also see lightning and the sounds of thunder.

“There was something like a sea of glass” peace and calm CONTROL in the midst of power. There is the Holy Spirit is before the Throne in perfect complete unity and Power with God

There are 24 thrones and 24 elders sitting on them... Who are they? many suggestions out there (angels, saints, 12 sons of Israel, 12 apostles… etc) Probably redeemed individuals God has chosen to serve before GOD in His throne room. These individuals are not identified for our knowing… we can speculate, yet where scripture is silent one is wise to not speculate too much, rather focus on what scripture clearly teaches.

Then there are the 4 creatures who are like angelic beings. Most likely seraphim and cherubim (guardians)  like we see in Isaiah 6:3 and Ezekiel 1:5 and 10:14. All that John sees is his very best to explain and only his attempt to describe what it was like there. It brings to heart, the lyrics of the Shekinah Glory Ministry's Before the throne saying that it's before the throne of God that we come to offer praise, seek wisdom and that is where veils that separate us from God are torn. It is right before the throne of God that we receive Grace. That is where judgement will be taken and right there is where we ask forgiveness and see the seat of the administration of God's mercy. Prayers are also answered before the throne of God. It is also before the throne of God that we prepare ourselves for service and whenever we fall short, we run back to the throne.

God IS AWARE of your current situations and life. He is seated on His Throne as ruler eternal. God is in control despite how life may seem some times. Going down before the throne and casting down at his throne is where we receive anointing...

He left his throne to die for the sin of the world, but his presence where right there dwelling and occupying the seat that no one could even come close that’s why those creature where preying around the throne to devour/ oversee it.

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  1. What a great write up👍🏽 The part about God’s throne not being empty hits differently. Well done bro


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