Do not Enter: Gospel Today Devotional - 28th August, 2022

Do not Enter: Gospel Today Devotional - 28th August, 2022

To walk only in the ways God has chosen for us to walk even as believers is the best way that we can live our lives for him who has called us to live for him. We cannot claim to have received the light and walk in darkness, can we? We cannot claim to have the life of God abiding in us and yet do things that contradict this life at work in us, right? If truly we have been begotten of God through Christ, then we must live our lives in accordance to his word. All glory to God. We as believers should not see that which is not glorifying to God and decide deliberately to walk the path or engage in such things. Praise God.

Can I quickly make an illustration for you to get a clearer picture of what today's lesson entails? Let's say as you walked pass a place, you saw some set of persons who claimed they are having some kind of celebration that involved people casting themselves into a pit filled with wild animals. Let me ask you a question, can I? On hearing that, will you also wish to give yourself as a volunteer for that purpose? I guess that which you would do most likely will be to turn away from such path and may be never to even take that path again, right? Exactly, why? Because such cruel practice does not resonate with your belief.

This is to say that as believers, whenever we see people do things that negate the practice of God's kingdom as it were, and our identity as believers, we are not to be seen engaging in such acts neither are we to desire to be in such gatherings. Shall we see that which the Lord instructs in his word today? May we be blessed even as we follow through. The passage of scripture to be considered is seen below,

"Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men . [15] Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away." (Proverbs 4:14,15).

There's the path evil men tread according to the passage of scripture above. What are they? The paths of wickedness, of evil, of unrighteousness, the path that seeks for men as preys, the paths of deceit, and everything that negates the the will of God. They take pleasure in it, and will not rest neither will they give sleep to their eyes until they see that which they plan to do come into action; and in that path, they only think evil continually. Their hearts think evil, their hands embrace evil, their feet are swift to doing evil. This is that Which defines the path of the wicked.

Having known this, what does the scripture instruct to do? It says not to enter that path. This means that we must know that we are believers, and our lives should be lived for God. God who has begotten us will do no evil, and we shouldn't as well because we are now his. We should not enter the path of the wicked ( meaning that we should not seek to walk as they walk, think as they think, work as they work, live as they live, etc). Never should it be heard as sons of God that we have desired the ways of evil, that we now tread the paths of unrighteousness as the wicked do. It shouldn't be heard that we have gone the way of evil men. Let's remain steadfast in the path where God has chosen for us.

It then instructs how to live ever in the path God has chosen for us, and what to do not to enter the path of the wicked. It says when we see, take note of the path of the wicked or the ways of evil men we are not to enter or go in the way for it may be impossible not to see but this we should do; we should avoid (never to walk that path at all), pass not by it (remain in the path God has chosen for us and walking in it alone), and pass away (just ignore and look straight on). In this, we do not have a say, and as the word of God instructs, let's obey; do not enter. The Lord bless his words in our hearts. Amen.

Thought for the day: 

Do not walk the paths of the wicked ( deceit, unrighteousness, unfaithfulness, bitterness); you are to avoid it, pass not by it, and pass away.

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