You can rise amidst the Chaos

There is absolutely no excuse for any situation. The situation you find yourself in is not an excuse to fail. You also have no right to blame your background or circumstances for your failures and as well as your inability to succeed and progress.

You Can Rise Amidst the Chaos by Elizabeth Fidelis Obianuju

If you check around, you will find many persons who grew up in worse conditions than you or perhaps came from similarly poor families that couldn't afford three square meals and today, they are celebrated heroes and Amazons. That is more than enough to assure you that there is nothing you are going through or have gone through that someone hasn't.

Let me share the real life story of this young lady (real name withheld).

Chika is a strong willed lady who has impacted the lives of young people. Her sole aim was to help young ones actualize their dreams irrespective of their background, history and scars so she took the path of a counselor.

While Chika was growing up, she saw hell. She was not born into a perfect family as no day passed without a fight between her parents. Each time her parents fought, the neighbours had to gather to settle the fight. It was a such usual occurrence that the whole congregation of the church they attend knew about the storm in Chika 's home.

The Breaking Point

Like any normal child, this affected Chika psychologically. She became a depressed unhappy, grieving young lady. People often wondere why she doesn't smile. How could she smile when there wasn't any reason to be happy?.

Going to school everyday was her way of escaping the reality of her life because returning back she knew chaos awaits. Every night there was a huge drama. Her family could have been featured in the television soap opera "Fuji house of commotion " because they weren't acting it, it was real .

Amidst these chaos she always had a dream to be great in life and be able to use her story to inspire someone but atlas the devil had his ways. Depression stuck so deep and Chika contemplated suicide. She needed to end it. The family she came from insulted her, made her feel unwanted. She was tagged a mistake by her father. Her siblings always made sure to lash at her and beat her. She felt this was her end. 

Hell? , you don't even know the definition at all, Chika knew the constituent of hell. She has been there. Admist all these she still held a book with her visions in it. 

The Turning Point

When she almost lost it, she came in contact with Jesus. HE made her feel loved. Jesus made her know she was all that matters and her family isn't all she is. He gave her happiness. 

So Chika projected all her pains and situation into becoming who she is today. She worked hard, prayed, refused her body worldly things. 

Her past couldn't stop her, her family will never limit her, she vowed. Today she is celebrated by all but no one knew that behind this successful woman was a past so bitter. 

Amidst the chaos she emerged strong. Your situation might be worse or not but I want you to take Chika story as a challenge. Admist the CHAOS RISE!! 

The Charge

  • Don't lose sight of your dreams 
  • A broken Family is too small to stop you
  • Poor parents are your least worries, 
  • Keep dreaming Big and work towards it

Martin Luther dreamt, he said " I have a dream". He didn't live to see his dream happen but it came to be.  

Ex President Goodluck Jonathan never wore footwear to school but he became a president . Admist all,he rose to rule those who wore (such great feat) 

Jumoke the bread seller hawked bread till a white man saw her and made her a model

What about that little girl sucesss?  Who today is now a kid celebrity in Mark angel comedy 

What about Joyce Meryer, She went through hell in her marriages , was a victim of assault, abuse, but today is a blessing to many women. I can go on and on…. 

Amidst the chaos Prevail!, Emerge!  Breakthrough! You know why?  Your story is being waited for. Someone has to be blessed by it. News media are waiting to carry it, pen are waiting to write it down.

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