11 Biblical Ways to Stir up your Spiritual Gifts

The gift of God always makes the difference in our lives. God’s gifts should not be dormant. Many are unaware of God’s gifts and while others are, they do not utilize these gifts to full manifestation. The gifts of God exist to propel a believer to greatness and full expression.
7 Biblical Ways to Stir up your Spiritual Gifts

In this article, I will share seven Biblical ways to stir up your Spiritual gifts.

1. Acknowledge Your Gifts

When you recognise that you have spiritual gifts, the next thing to do is to seek for a full activation of that gift and utilise it until mastery. God does not give His gifts for mere decoration or as a show off. Every gift of God in the body of Christ is relevant to the establishment and fulfilment of God's kingdom on earth. This is why you must acknowledge that you have God's gift in you, sponsored and activated by the Holy Spirit (2nd Timothy 1:6).

2. Share in the Sufferings of the Gospel

Another way to stir up your spiritual gifts is by engaging yourself in the sufferings of the gospel of Christ.This means that you can

3. Stay true to sound teaching

It is one thing to choose a church and it is entirely another thing to choose a Bible believing church. The Bible talks about the last days when false prophets will arise with strange doctrines.  As a believer who has the gifts of the Holy Spirit in you, it is necessary that you locate a Bible believing church and ensure that you stay true to the sound teaching of God's word. There is so much growth that is tied to the word of God that we hear and it is very important that you do not receive God's word wrongly. There are strange manifestations of gifts in the body of Christ today that were birthed as a result of strange teaching and doctrine  and you must remember that the devil can masquerade as an angel of light. You do not want to tamper with the gifts of God in your life, you should stay in a gathering of sound doctrine. 

4. Guard your Heart

The closer you are to God, the more you manifest spiritual gifts. When this happens, be sure to guard your heart diligently. The devil could come bringing different thoughts about the gifts and how they work through you. Do not let the manifestation of spiritual gifts to get to your head and sponsor inner pride in you. 

5. Remember to Put it to Use

There is a popular saying that when you consistently do something for a period of time, you will become exceptionally good at it. This rule also applies to spiritual gifts. Consistency is a tool that helps you harness your spiritual gifts, understand how they work and ultimately control the flow of your gifts. God has given you these gifts in abundance, but it is left for you to hone and sharpen them effectively.

6. Be Diligent in Service

God is diligent in His dealings. In Genesis, He aptly set a standard for diligence through the work ethics he displayed in putting the heavens and the earth together in seven days.

7. Guard Your Gifts

One way to do this is by consecrating yourself and refusing to defile your body.

8. Avoid Pride

As you grow, you must learn that no manifestation of the gifts of the spirit is worthy of stripping you of humility. Remember that God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. There are depths in God that men should always desire to reach so there’s no justification for your pride when you perform a miracle, heal the sick or give an accurate word of knowledge. In James 4:6, we see that GOd resists the prod and gives grace to the humble. Stay humble and you will see new wells bringing forth water from your life.

9. Acknowledge Fame but Give God the Glory

The manifestation of spiritual gifts bring fame and popularity with it, no matter how little. If Jesus is lifted up, He always draw men to Himself and at the same time, you cannot lift Jesus up and remain low. You'd definitely be lifted to a plane of influence and fame. When this happens through God's working in your gifts, ensure that you acknowledge God who is the giver of all thoings - fame inclusive.

10. Beware of Money

At different points in scriptures, people sold spiritual gifts and their manifestations for money. If you operate in a certain gift and ultimately monetise it, you may hinder the birth and discoverty of a new spiritual gift in your life. God is not looking for profit makers who want to earn a living from his freely given spiritual gifts. In Matther 10:8, we are instructed to freely give because we have freely received.

11. Engage in Spiritual Exercises

In Matthew 17:21, Jesus told his disciples saying "howbeit this kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer"
For further reading, kindly go through Ephesians 6:13, 1st Thessalonians 5:8, 1st Thessalonians 5:19, James 4:8.
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