5 Ways to break Free from the Sisyphean Curse

There is an ancient myth by Homer, a great poet of Ancient Greece concerning Sisyphus, the king of Corinth. According to the mythical story, Sisyphus was condemned in Tartarus, a deep dark abyss which was located far below the abode of the dead. There, Sisyphus was asked to roll a huge stone up a hill.

5 Ways to break Free from the Sisyphean Curse

This was a difficult task to do. Imagine how possible it is to roll a big stone up to a hill, so each time the king rolled the stone close to the top, it would roll back down to the foot of the hill. Every single time he rolled it to the top and it fell back, he had to start all over again, ceaselessly. This is the origin of the "Sisyphean curse" and today, whenever anyone is engaged  in an endless, laborious and futile enterprise, it is said that such person has been afflicted with the Sisyphean curse.

There are many times it looks true that you are on the wrong path. It is possible that you have tried a thing over and over again without seeing tangible results. While it may be right to say that the situation is similar to the Sisyphean curse, it is necessary to ask - how can you Biblically break free from a life of endless, profitless labour and futility?


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