The Substance of the Diligent: Gospel Today Devotional - 20th February, 2024

The Substance of the Diligent: Gospel Today Devotional - 20th February, 2024

What makes that which is raw precious is that it has been processed into something that can be seen and considered edible, isn't it? Even if you buy something raw with your money such as meat or fish, can you eat it that way? Will you get the desired taste? That which makes people want to eat meat or fish is that fact that it has been processed and by this we mean to say it has been fried or cooked. You can as well buy the meat or fish and fail to prepare it perhaps due to fatigue or some other reasons. The main idea is this; you can only get to enjoy it when you have processed it (cooked or fried) and this requires work.

Imagine a hunter goes to hunt and then kills a deer for example. He brings it home but refuses to prepare that which he caught in hunting, will that animal in the state it is benefit him or his family provided he doesn't want to sell it? That which will make it precious is the fact that the animal is prepared. He may come back saying he is tired and that all he needed to do was to just kill. Who just hunts without preparing that which he gets in hunting? Only the slothful man does that.

This is to say that it is not enough to bring that which you get in hunting, your work is not done until you take time to prepare it that it may be precious to you that which you have hunted. It takes diligence to take that extra step and taking the extra step is that which truly matters. Praise God. Shall we see the passage of scripture below,

"The slothful man roasteth not that which he took in hunting: but the substance of a diligent man is precious" (Proverbs 12:27).

Suppose in trying to prepare egusi soup for example, you cut the vegetables, and do every necessary thing but refuse to cook it, will all your effort yield anything? The answer is no. It is not just enough to to buy the raw meat or fish, bring the animal one gets in hunting, or prepare the vegetables and all for the egusi soup, that it may become precious, you have to take the extra step in cooking. This extra step is taken by those who are diligent.

Look at what the scripture says, that the slothful man does not roast that which he gets in hunting, why? He thinks that is all there's to do. He gives the excuse of having done so much in getting the animal. He finds it difficult to take the extra step of preparing it. He sees it as an extra burden. He sees it as something perhaps difficult. He seeks no further way to making sure that what he gets in hunting profits him. He is slothful (lazy). Do you get the message? The man who does not roast what he gets in hunting is not one who is diligent because if he was, he would go the extra mile of roasting it. The truth is for it to become precious, it should be roasted.

However, there's the second category of persons: those who go the extra mile. They are called diligent. Their substances are indeed precious, why? They do not just stop at getting things in hunting, they go as far as roasting it that it may benefit them (become precious to them). Diligence is key. It makes what you have precious. Diligence is that which brings the full reward of your labour. You're not to stop half way in that which you do. This is that which is expected of us as believers. We are not to be slothful but be diligent. Are you diligent?

Thoughts for Today

The substance of the diligent is precious but the slothful fails to roast that which he gets in hunting. Are you diligent?

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