The Reward for Diligence 2: Gospel Today Devotional - 4th September, 2023


The Reward for Diligence 2: Gospel Today Devotional - 4th September, 2023

Let me start by asking this, how has been lessons from Proverbs part two? It has been insightful, hasn't it? You have been blessed even as I have been equally blessed by it, right? We have seen about three lessons thus far. The first made us realise that righteousness  is that which delivers, not possessions especially when such possessions are gotten through inappropriate means, right? Also, in our other lesson, we saw how that the Lord will not cause the soul of the righteous to famish, isn't it? And that he gives himself to the righteous, right? This came as an encouragement to seek him more and draw near to him than we ever did,  isn't it?

And I trust that by the grace of God, these lessons have been a blessing to you. That's just to remind us of all that we have learnt thus far so we can continue to live in the consciousness of the lessons and not to be forgetful hearers or should I say forgetful readers. Let's proceed, shall we? Yesterday, we saw how that being a believer does not rule out the place of diligence, isn't it? Also, that we are to do with our might that which our hands find to do too, right? How many of you made a resolution to be diligent as a result of that lesson?

Today still presents you with a chance should you have been unable to understand what the lesson of yesterday aimed to achieve. Praise God! It pays to be diligent and believers are not exempted from this. This is one truth we all must come to terms with. Being a disciple of Christ is not a call to slackness. In fact, you have been called to diligently follow after Christ. Your walk with God and your work for him requires due diligence. Why should you then give an excuse to be lazy? Does diligence have any reward? Yes, we saw it yesterday and we shall see another today. Let's see the passage of scripture below,

"Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men"* (Proverbs 22:29).

Let's examine the scripture, shall we? It says seest thou a man diligent in his business? As if to ask you, have you seen any man who does what his hand finds to do with all his might? Have you seen a man who puts his all in all he does and gives his all to whatever course he pursues whether he is a student, a preacher, a business man? Have you seen such a man? And as if to highlight the reward for diligence says that such a man stands before kings and not just before ordinary men. Those who are diligent in whatever they do are recognized by men who the scripture refers to as kings, why? To be rewarded for their diligence.

What happens when someone emerges with a first class result for example, such a person gets to shake hands with the Vice Chancellor of the institution, right? That achievement brings him face to face with the Vice Chancellor that may not have been possible considering normal circumstances. Praise God! This is just to give an example. Do you get the idea?

The man who is diligent gets noticed by kings. It brings you before great people and makes you relate with them and be on the same platform with them. Diligence open great doors for you before men. This principle applies to all, and as believers we must not come to the point where we begin to think and feel that we do not have to be diligent. Diligence is important. It doesn't matter what sphere you find yourself as a believer, you must show due diligence. To your faith, add diligence. Diligence is rewarding. The Lord bless his word in our hearts. Amen.

Thought for the day: 

Diligence is a must for every believer. You're to give no room for slackness. To your faith (your belief in Christ Jesus), add diligence.

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