Let Love Reign: Gospel Today Devotional - 5th September, 2022


Let Love Reign: Gospel Today Devotional - 5th September, 2022

To hate a person would mean to have a very strong dislike for a person or what he does, isn't it? Yes, of course and even to the point that nothing he does makes sense to you, right? This is the reason one who hates another will use everything the one he hates against him even if such a person does what is good. And one thing we have to note as believers is that hatred is the reason for contention and strife. It stirs up strife.

And many times, it is impossible to tell for sure why one has to hate another, isn't it? Yes, of course. And for some persons, they just have this great dislike for another without any reason. They just hate the other not because he offended them, said something to hurt them or did something to betray them. This is not the nature of God, and even if at all we must have hatred for anything, let be the hatred for sin. Praise God. Why should you hate another even if there's a reason for it? Is God the God of hatred? Have you not be called to love and not to hate? Why do otherwise?

This is that which the lesson for today seeks to explain to us. Hatred is not of God no matter how justifiable it may be. We have not been called to hate one another but to love one another. Hence, we are to live in this consciousness at every point in time. Having said that, still on lessons from Proverbs part two, we shall be considering a very important passage of scripture today, shall we?

"Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins" (Proverbs 10:12).

Hatred as it were does more harm than good. And just like it was stated before now, this should not be found in the life of the believer that we say or we think in our hearts to hate another. This is not who we have been called to be in Christ Jesus and even if at all we have been nursing such thoughts, we can sure ask the Lord to help us and teach us the way of love because truly, that is what we have been called to do; to love one another even as Christ loved us. Hallelujah!

If you have observed carefully, almost in every area or gathering where there's strife or contention, the root cause has been that of hate. Hatred for a person, hatred for a tribe, hatred for a nation. It is not just hatred for them but the way they do things as well. It even comes down to the home where couples, children, parents experience contention and strife as a result of hatred which creates room for bitterness. The scripture in our lesson today gives a contrast between hatred and love. It tells to us that which hatred has the ability to do and that which love can do and I trust as believers, we know which way to go, right? And it's surely the way of love. Praise God!

It says that hatred stirs up strife. It gives no room for peace, why? Because of the great dislike for the other and the bitterness that is locked up in their hearts. It does not cover offences but love covers sins (in this case, sins means faults or offences). Love does not keep to heart that which another does to offend you, why? Love forgives. This is who we we are; Children of Love because he who has begotten us is Love himself. Dear believers, hatred is not our identity neither have we been called to hate. We have been called to love one another and this we must do. The Lord help us to comprehend his word. Amen.

Thought for the day: It is not of the believer to hate another but rather to love another. You have been called to love and not to hate, why? Because hatred stirs up strife but love covers all sins (faults or offences).

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