Christian Poetry: Whispers in Darkness

Christian Poetry: Whispers in Darkness by Okoye Mark

Issues birthing heartbreaks

Circumstances birthing pain
The same battle leaves enough scars
To draw evil conclusions
Now, an embittered heart
An embattled soul.
Knees dropped to the ground.
Head bowed in silence.
How long will the darkness endure?
When will the light shine?
Will it ever come?

Holding on and holding out,
Trying hard to believe.
Hopefully, hope's still alive.
It shall be well, they say.
Maybe when I'm gone.
My neighbor looks in my face,
Searching for traces of hope.
I manage a fake smile.
All will be well my friend, I say

Is that even true?
Or am I lying to us?

Day breaks
Noon  arrives
then night fall.

The good tidings fail to come.
The evening becomes torturous again.
The night drags her feet.
I'm waiting no more!

Where are the green bottles?
I have lifted my eyes to the hills
But found it full of shadows.
Help coming from above?
Why does the Heavens delay?

Every hope sinks, the quagmire abounds.
The night drags on, heavy with anxiety.

When will the good come?

Tomorrow still? Or the day after it?

But then I remember the covenant.
A mustard of faith rises
Waited we have, yearning we are.
My heart waits for the unbroken promise.

May the tears of today,
Give way to the laughter of tomorrow.

May the future joy,
Erase every trace of the present pain.

Endured we have, enjoy we shall. 

The night may drag on for some time,
With its pain and worries,
But I believe in His promise.

Weeping may endure all night,
Joy truly comes in the morning.

I look the darkness in the face and scream,
Let there be Light!

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