5 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with God

Relationship is one awesome thing humans enjoy having with one another. If you have a great relationship, there is no bound to what extent you can go with you partner. The same thing and even much more happens when you know that our Lord Jesus Christ loves having a great relationship with us. The question then is, how can you build a strong relationship with Jesus? How can you enter into a relationship with Jesus?

4 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with Jesus

God calls us to a relationship of intimacy. Here are four ways to build a strong relationship with Jesus.


Communion is a form of fellowship that births intimacy with Christ. By communion, we become a symbolic part of Christ and He forms us into Himself. 
He Rose in the pre-dawn hours to pray

He communed with his father through the night while others slept

Forsake Everything Else.

God is a jealous God. He guards any relationship with any believer such that nothing can try to take His place. In the average husband-wife relationship, both parties are jealous and would not appreciate any uncensored loitering of the opposite sex around their partners. In some cases, friends and family members too could be jealous over one issue or the other and it all has to do with the nature of people. If this can happen in human relations, how much more do you expect from God's relationship which is at he overall standard for every other relationship. God wants the believer to turn away from incessant demands and expectations of others to be sure that his agenda lined up with God's agenda

Dwell in God

It is one thing to have communion and it is another to dwell in God. While both are quite related, it is necessary to know that as believers, you should not see God as a deity which you can discuss. Instead, you should see God as a place to dwell.

When Jesus was on earth, He did all these to ensure that he had a better relationship with God. If we, as believers can emulate this steps and processes that Jesus Christ did, and then you will find out that gradually you are having a stronger relationship with Jesus. Most of all is STUDYING THE WORD DAILY.

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