How to Start a Partnership Business with Fellow Believers

God wants us as believers to rule in every sphere of life, including business and finances. He wants us to represent the economic systems of heaven and replicate the same here on earth. The will be impossible if we do not take initiative and respond to the creative, entrepreneurial and business side of God in us. 

How to Start a Partnership Business with Fellow Believers

As Christians, we must understand that we are humans too, with different logical inclinations, emotions and way of life in general. How then do you start a partnership business with fellow believers? What should you consider when choosing a Christian in starting a business. Here are a few things to put in check.


1. Your Partners must be given to Excellence

God does not pamper mediocrity. Build Excellence as a Culture. Excellence in itself is encompassing of integrity, reliability, hard work and diligence. Your spirituality does not excuse competence and the grace of God is not idleness. Labour is a dimension of grace in itself. Proverbs 10:24

2. Your Partners must be fellow entrepreneurs and not salary minded 

Building a profitable partnership business or startup involves putting alot of effort and financial resources. Many times, these efforts and resources will not yield returns immediately. As such, if you are. You must also remember that the word of God in 1st Timothy 6:10 aptly describes the love of money as the root of all evil. This means that your partner must not be anyone who stretches to get gains from the business without going through the process of doing the work and investing efforts/resources

3. Learn to use the God Advantage

Having God as a believer gives you an edge over so many things and your business partnership is one of those things. You and your partner must learn and agree to use the God Advantage in your business. Just like Hebrews 4:15, as believers, we have a friend in high places - Jesus, who intercedes on our behalf and represents us before the father. Jesus Christ is a friend and is so, He is your advantage. He can table matters as regards your business before God.
  • Build a Structure for every thing. With a structure, your partner understands that there are already set rules which he or she should ordinarily follow. Your item might be pricy but jf people find value, they will pay. Jeremiah 33:3, Haggai 2:8
  • Be United in Key Decisions and Issues about the Company. Know that God has hidden riches for the believer

A business with a believer is a sure way to make good money

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