Only Believe: Gospel Today Devotional - 15th October, 2022

The Bible in the fifth chapter of Mark gives an account of the story of a man named Jairus; a ruler of the synagogue, whose daughter was sick and almost at the point of death. He had come to beseech Jesus to lay his hand on his daughter so she could be well.

Only Believe: Gospel Today Devotional - 15th October, 2022

On their way to his house, another miracle happened. A woman with an issue of blood for a very long time had touched the hem of Jesus' garment and was healed of her plague in the process.

It was in the midst of this great happening that someone had come to inform Jairus that his daughter had died, and that there was no need for Jesus to come over again. Jesus on hearing that, gave Jairus a very comforting assurance. It is captured in the scripture below,

"As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe". (Mark 5:36)

Nothing can be more comforting than to hear the words of Jesus in times like this. Though the daughter was dead,  yet Jesus told him not to be afraid but to only believe.

Why did Jesus say this? Because it didn't matter to him if the child was dead, he would still raise her up as though nothing happened. So there was nothing to be afraid of because the situation wasn't beyond the power of Jesus. So he told Jairus not to be afraid just  like he is telling you today.

He also told him to only believe, meaning, this is not beyond my power but you have to place full faith in me to raise your daughter to life again. And of course, Jairus' daughter came back to life. Why? Because he did as Jesus instructed; he wasn't afraid but only believed.

Dear believer, there's no situation beyond the power of Christ. He is able to make all things well in your life though they were dead. But just as he told Jairus, he is saying to you not to be afraid but to only believe.

Thought for the day: 

There's nothing beyond the power of Jesus. He can do all things. But this much he expects from you, that first of all, you be not afraid, and second, to only believe.

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