The Believer's Supposed Nature and Action: Gospel Today Devotional - 30th October, 2023

So much has been given to us, and so much is expected of us as well. We are to shine the light of Christ wherever we find ourselves because we are representatives of him. He expects that wherever we go, there's a manifestation of his nature at work in us that prove to others not necessarily by that which we say but by that which they see that we are of him. Praise God!

The Believer's Supposed Nature and Action: Gospel Today Devotional - 30th October, 2023

Just the same way it is with parents, and their children. They expect that at the point where it is the child has to leave home perhaps to stay with someone or begin a new life to always remember that which he has always known, and be to those whom he goes to meet a good representative of the place, and the people he is coming from. Do you remember that at some point in your life when an elderly counsel or a parental advise was given to you, it was chiefly the fact that you're always to remember the son of whom your are, and the home of which you belong? You sure can remember, right?

The same thing is expected of us as kingdom citizens. Those who have been called to manifest, and live a life that has no resemblance with that which others are living, and as a result must look into the word of God in which we get our guiding principles from to truly ascertain as believers that which we are supposed to do, and that, with the help of him who has called us unto godliness. Today, the passage of scripture we shall be looking at is seen below,

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves" .(Matthew 10:16).

This was a statement made by our Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ. It doesn't really matter to what audience he made the statement at the time, does it? Because the words of Jesus are ever true, and still relevant today, isn't it? And that whatsoever was written before time was not written for our condemnation, but for our own benefit. This implies therefore that as it applied to  Jesus' audience as at the time he made this statement, it is till very much applicable to us today. I trust however that the Lord will make you see beyond the letters the Spirit responsible for the letters. Praise God!

Did you see with what the Lord Jesus started? He says behold ( now see, now understand, now know for sure), I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves ( meaning, I know where exactly you're going, and I know the kind of people that are there. I also know the kind of persons that you are. While they may possess a nature different from yours, I want you to remember this, that you're not supposed to act as them but let my nature at work in you be that which you show to people. The nature of a sheep; meek, peaceful, pure, patient, etc. You're not to be influenced by them). Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless doves ( as a result, I want you to live with wisdom, do not copy them, but influence them, and when you do that, implore the wisdom of a serpent, and the gentility of a dove. Remember this, that although you're in the system, you're not of the system. I want you to always remember this. Be wise, and live as wise people, displaying my nature in all you do). Glory to God.

As Christ through this spoke to the disciples in time past, he is also speaking to you, and I today that he has sent us as sheep among wolves, and that he expects us to be wise as serpents, and gentle as doves, meaning that at every point in time, his nature should be seen at work in us, and our actions should portray us to others as good sons, and representatives of his. I trust the Lord to grant us sufficient understanding. Amen.

Thought of the day: Let the nature of Christ be seen at work in you, and let your action at all times direct men to him.

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