Why You Should Trust in the Lord: Gospel Today Devotional - 19th October, 2022

No one would claim to trust a person that has not proven he can be trusted. Trustworthiness is a trait the one who wants to be trusted must show forth if he ever wants anyone to trust him. It is true that a betrayal of trust can ruin a lot of things, right? The more reason why some persons may find it difficult to trust another except the person has proven he or she can be trusted over time.

Why You Should Trust in the Lord: Gospel Today Devotional - 19th October, 2022

Having established the fact that one has to earn the trust of another by showing over time how trustworthy he or she is or can be, I believe trusting someone who is trustworthy will be a very good thing for the one who trusts because such a person will only bring joy and glad tidings, and will be to the one who trusts a source of strength.

In a similar manner, God has proven over time through his word that he can be trusted. His words have been tested and proven to be consistently true; he will not lie nor betray those who trust him. This scripture however shows to the believer why he can or should trust the Lord who is trustworthy,

"Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength".  (Isaiah 26:4)

The scripture above shows to every believer why to trust in the Lord but first it says that the believer should trust in the Lord forever ( not for sometime, not for a short period of time, not when you feel like it. You should trust in the Lord, and that, forever). 

The next statement gives the reason for the first. This is why I want you to trust in the Lord forever; for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength ( in him is no disappointment, no betrayal; and because of this, there's the needed strength to go through life knowing he is with you and will never leave you alone, and that strength is an everlasting one).

Dear believer, it is indeed to our greatest joy if we trust in the Lord(forever), for in him we can draw strength at all times to go through life, living for him, and glorifying his name.

Thought for the day: 

You are to trust the Lord forever ( not for sometime), for in him(the Lord Jehovah) lies the strength you need to live for him and to go through life. Trust in the Lord Jehovah forever.

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