Do not Consider it a Waste: Gospel Today Devotional - 30th November, 2023

In the 26th chapter of the Gospel according to Matthew, there was a gathering, and the Lord Jesus was the focus of the gathering, and to what end? That they may capture, and kill him. Although in the course of the plan, there was that which they considered, that it was going to create an uproar if they decide to continue with their plans since the Passover feast was close too. Here we see that which lies in the heart of man, that while Jesus was busy carrying out his Father's business, they were some who were busy discussing how they might take him by subtilty so they could kill him, why? For no good reason at all. They were against the fact that he was doing good for many, and this was the source of their bitterness, and the reason for such a terrible plan. The Lord Jesus came for that purpose, none could have taken him if he didn't want to, but that the scripture might be fulfilled, that had to happen.

Do not Consider it a Waste: Gospel Today Devotional - 30th November, 2023

This however is not our focus for today, and that we would get to see shortly. Have you ever seen someone trying to do something for himself or herself which most times looks like the person is wasting his or her time? Let me paint a picture quickly, imagine there's a friend who has been trying to gain admission into college for example, and he has being doing that for a very long time with no result, and instead of him giving up, he keeps at it, what do you think people would say? Wouldn't it look even to you as though such a person is wasting his time. Of course, anyone would think that way.

Some persons may even begin to suggest things like, why don't you go learn a trade? Why waste more time? Aren't you tired of trying? You can relate, right? And just all of a sudden, right in the midst of the delay, and counsels, when he thinks to give up, he receives an admission letter, would anyone still say it is a waste of time? The answer is no, but they will rather rejoice with him. Praise God. Please note, nothing you do that is of a just course is a waste of time. That brings us to our study today, and the passage of scripture under consideration is seen below:

"But when his disciples saw it , they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste?" (Matthew 26:8).

In the midst of all the plans to take the Lord Jesus by subtilty so as to kill him, he was busy doing his Father's business even though he had the knowledge of his death. That didn't stop him. In this same 26th chapter of the book of Matthew, there was an account of a woman who did something remarkable, and I trust the Lord to help learn from her. Hallelujah! This woman whose identity was not revealed in the passage poured a very costly oil on Jesus' head which raised questions in the heart of people, even his disciples.

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What was the issue exactly? When they saw what the woman did, the scripture says they had indignation, that is, they were angry, why? Because they felt it was a waste. They felt it was unfair for the woman to do so much for the Lord. They felt it was inappropriate for the woman to have wasted so much on the Lord Jesus. They felt they were some other persons who needed that than the Lord Jesus. So, why the waste? Why waste so much on someone when they are more deserving people? As a result, they weren't pleased, because they felt it should have been sold, and then given to the poor. The woman however didn't bother, and it's as though I hear her say, nothing is too much for my Lord.

Nothing is a waste for my Lord. Nothing is too big for my Lord. It's as though I hear her say, I'll do, and give anything for my Lord. What others considered a waste wasn't a waste to her, and in fact, Jesus said to them to let her be, that it wasn't a waste. Although they thought it was, the thing she did is the reason we now talk about her today, and like the Lord Jesus said, it is now being told as a memorial of her. What do you do that others consider wasteful? Your investment of time, energy, and resources for God is not a waste. Do not listen to what others say. Jesus says it is not a waste. Nothing you do for the Lord is a waste. It is an investment that will pay in due time. Do not consider it a waste. The Lord help us all in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thought for the day: Nothing you do for the Lord is a waste.

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